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Abolish Stanford Greek life: Confessions from an ex-sorority president

And I’ve been tired for a long time. Being in Greek Life, knowing what I know, experiencing what I experienced – I have had my fill of exhaustion and pain to keep me tired and outraged for a lifetime. And I don't even have the hope that things will get better – that it was worth all the sleepless nights, the countless hours, the panic attacks, the constant work – because, at this point I know it’ll never even come close to the empty promises thrown around during Recruitment. Not in this current system, not with the way things are. And you’ll get to hear why soon enough.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Xi Beta Chapter raises over $200,000 this summer through Justice For Black Lives Fundraiser

Despite the challenges of an ongoing pandemic, members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Xi Beta Chapter have been organizing multiple fundraising events for the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement this summer. With an initial goal of $50,000, the Xi Beta Chapter founded the Justice For Black Lives Fundraiser to donate to grassroots…

Fraternity, sorority residents consider diversity, community

In the past two years, multiple sororities have added a diversity officer position to address these challenges. Delta Delta Delta (Tridelt) and Pi Beta Phi (Pi Phi) added diversity officers this quarter. The Daily spoke to some of these diversity officers, as well as students in Greek life across campus, to learn more about representation in Greek life today.

Note from an anti-sorority sorority girl

Entering college this fall, I knew that my value system and perspectives would change during my time at Stanford. Everyone grows and changes during their four years of exposure to new ideas and people from across the world. Still, there were attitudes so deeply ingrained in me, so central to my identity that I could not…

From the Community: Committee releases official Greek life survey report

In the Fall of 2020, the ASSU Undergraduate Senate voted to pass a resolution supporting the dehousing of IFC/ISC Greek organizations on campus. As a result of the resolution passing, the ASSU Executive at the time created a Special Greek Life Committee tasked with developing a survey that would assess overall undergraduate student opinions and attitudes towards Greek Life. 
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