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Letter from the editors: Introducing The Stanford Daily Magazine

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Dear readers,

As we send the magazine off to print, we are cautiously optimistic but not certain that we’ll get to see our work in the hands of students on campus. The question “Are all of us actually going to be back on campus together?” feels almost overused, but still unfortunately relevant.

The world is emerging from the pandemic as a different place than when students scrambled to leave campus in March 2020. Those returning in the fall are similarly changed from a year and a half of uncertainty, plans adjusted on the go and distance learning. Students, in particular, belonging to marginalized groups — including but not limited to the Black, FLI, international and disabled communities — had to navigate additional challenges while dealing with stress brought on by the pandemic and online school.

Because of this, we’ve themed this magazine around the change, resilience and reflection each of us has undergone over the past 18 months. Two weeks before setting foot on campus, uncertainty remains — you’ll find it as an undercurrent running through many of the pieces.

Our writers explore this theme through multiple avenues. From the news section, read on to see how students’ perspectives on learning changed with the pandemic in our cover story, as well as how students are contemplating study abroad. Our sports writers feature Stanford athletes’ experience in Tokyo and look ahead to the football season after a year marked by disruption.  And from arts & life, learn more about how local bookstores and student theater have weathered the pandemic and hope to provide future creative outlets for the community. Give it a read here.

We can’t wait to (hopefully) see you around on campus.

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Magazine Editor, Summer Journalism Institute Co-Director
Anastasiia Malenko is the Vol. 260 Magazine Editor. Originally from Ukraine, she focuses on politics and international student life in her coverage. In her free time, she loves listening to throwbacks and catching up on book and coffee recommendations. Contact her at amalenko 'at'