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Dinette: Lost Connection

Wrestling’s Gabe Dinette reflects on past 18 months


The class Photography I: “Introduction to Photography” with instructor Jamill Hellu in the Art & Art History Department is an introductory course in photography that explores lens based practices and the imperative of visual literacy in today’s world. Over the course of ten weeks, we acquired an essential knowledge of contemporary art photography, including standards of quality and image sequencing. We also received a basic sense of aesthetics and of the critical discourse that exists around the cultural significance of images. The final prompt for the course asked students to creatively express themes of connections and the reflection about ourselves and also our associations with the outside world and to others in a ten photo series. In my case, I decided to focus on the loss of connection that I experienced within Stanford’s Athletic Department due to Stanford’s decision to cut 11 sports over the summer, one of which was wrestling. 

My photo series represents what I experienced emotionally this past year and half within Stanford Athletics from Dec. 1, 2019 to the present. I experienced loss of goals, betrayal, heartbreak and many other complex emotions. I wanted to capture these complex and dejected emotions within my series. I want people to get a sense for the loss of “life” and loss of connection that occurred during this time. I wanted to only focus on the hurt and pain of this past year and half as a way to express my inner feelings and for people to get a sense of my severe loss of connection that occurred. 

(All photos courtesy of Gabe Dinette)

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