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A Stanford Athletics Halloween

Humor by and

Need a last minute Halloween costume for your socially distanced gatherings? Miss Stanford Athletics? Here’s the best of both worlds. Of course you could go for the standard athlete look: Nike head to toe (preferably in Cardinal, black, or white), athlete backpacks, bonus points for a Sondors. But if you’re looking for something more niche, we’ve got you covered too.

KJ Costello

Take your old Stanford jersey and cover that “S” logo with “Mississippi State.” Ditto for “Pac-12” with “SEC.” Just don’t forget the bench to sit on when you throw four picks versus Kentucky.

Photo: ROB ERICSON/, Graphic: CYBELE ZHANG/The Stanford Daily

Andrew Luck

All you need is a stack of books. Colts jersey optional.

David Shaw

Katie Ledecky

Grab a glass of chocolate milk and a snorkel. Add five Olympic gold medals to complete the look.

Ty Terry

All you need are a few pieces of Tyrell Terry merch. Our favorite is the karate headband. Bonus points if you grow two inches and put on 19 pounds.

KZ Okpala

This one’s another low-budget idea. All you need is a pair of Miami Heat sweatpants and a long-sleeve tee. For best results, you can make it a group costume with Costello and share the same bench — sitting six feet apart, of course.

Photo: CASEY VALENTINE/, Graphic: CYBELE ZHANG/The Stanford Daily

Chase Garbers

The Axe.

Photo: JOHN TODD/, Graphic: JEREMY RUBIN/The Stanford Daily

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Cybele Zhang '22 is a Senior Staff Writer majoring in English Literature with a minor in German Studies. The Los Angeles-native previously served as Sports Editor (Vol. 255, 257 and 258). Her recent work focuses on women in sports and the intended cut of men's volleyball. Contact her at czhang 'at'
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Jeremy Rubin is a managing editor in the sports section. He is a sophomore from New York City studying Human Biology and is an avid Yankees, Knicks and Jets fan who enjoys long walks and good podcasts. Contact him at jrubin 'at'