Kanye West to release exclusive album for campaign donors

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At his political rally on Sunday evening in Charleston, Kanye West promised a new, exclusive album for donors to his presidential campaign. 

In an effort to appeal to young, secular voters, West said the album would be “less Godly” in a tweet that has since been deleted. 

A few days after the rally, West leaked an additional album drop released on July 24 titled “Donda,” after his mother. Its ties to the campaign are uncertain. 

When asked if President Trump had any intentions to pursue music to match his presidential rival, Trump’s fifth campaign manager Bill Stepien declined to comment. 

“West’s attempt to link the irrelevant skills of music to politics is unsurprising given the unorthodoxy of our current president,” said Cedric Richmond, Biden’s co-campaign manager. “But what he lacks is Biden’s natural connection to the people.” When asked to comment on the sexual assault allegations against Biden, Richmond declined to answer further questions. 

“I’ve been listening to him since I was 13, and if I can get old Kanye back, yeah I’ll vote for him,” Soundcloud rapper Lil Skittle said when asked about supporting West. He believes West’s new music will benefit the music community by providing new beats and samples to use and dub over — particularly for the online fan group “The Yeezys.” 

The group was created in 2013, arguably the peak of West’s career. A majority of the members also graduated this year, one Lil Skittle recalls with memories of yelling at his mom and holing up in his room. 

In a server poll amongst the members, many voted that they will cast their vote for the rapper but with the stipulation that West “perform ‘Graduation’ at his next rally.” 

When asked why he proposed the idea, Lil Skittle lamented, “I miss the old Kanye.”

Editor’s Note: This article is purely satirical and fictitious. All attributions in this article are not genuine and this story should be read in the context of pure entertainment only.

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Julie Ham is a high schooler writing as part of The Daily’s Summer Journalism Workshop.