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New COVID-19 outbreak among healthcare workers at Stanford Hospital now contained


Three new coronavirus cases — all among healthcare workers at Stanford Hospital — were confirmed by Stanford Medicine in an email to affiliates sent on Friday. The outbreak is the first in over two months, and according to the email, is now fully contained. The three impacted employees had no in-person interactions with patients. 

The email, which Stanford Medicine spokesperson Julie Greicius provided to The Daily, explains that three healthcare workers stationed in a small room all contracted the virus. 

“All workers are now well, but the incident provides a critical reminder that it is up to each of us to take responsibility to strictly adhere to the principles of infection prevention at work,” the announcement read. 

Upon delivering news of the outbreak, administrators urged affiliates to follow strict prevention protocols in order to prevent the spread of the virus. These measures include properly using personal protective equipment (PPE) and confronting others who are not wearing a mask. 

“Speak up if you see someone without a mask — it is up to everyone to ensure our community remains safe,” the announcement states. “If you see someone not wearing a mask, please ask them to wear one and offer to help them get one if needed.” 

The email also encourages affiliates to monitor symptoms closely and maintain proper social distancing “whenever possible.” 

“Consider team meetings outdoors if your team rooms are too small,” the announcement concludes. 

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