Call for stories: denied accommodations by the University? You’re not alone!


In the wake of the recent protests, many students have requested accommodations from the University, and the University has responded by denying many, if not all, of those requests.

In response, some outspoken students wrote to the Daily about their experience while others signed petitions. However, many students facing these issues refrained from sharing their stories out of fear of damaging their academic or professional careers. 

We would like to offer a confidential method for sharing your experience. We’re calling on any students, past or present, who have had issues requesting accommodations from the university to share their story so that we can investigate how widespread the issue really is.

Please share this survey:

Fear should not hold you back from sharing your story so that we can aggregate this information and show the many students that were denied accommodations that they are not alone.

Contact stanfordmentalhealth ‘at

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