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Woman potentially drugged, mandatory reporter tells public safety

Report is tenth of its kind this school year


A female undergraduate may have been drugged on Friday evening at an on-campus residence, a Campus Security Authority (CSA) reported to the Stanford Department of Public Safety (SUDPS), according to an AlertSU notification SUDPS sent Saturday.

A CSA is an individual designated as a mandatory reporter for potential crimes ranging from homicide to sexual misconduct to local police and the Title IX Office, if applicable. 

The CSA said an intoxicant or drug might have been placed in the student’s drink, according to the alert. After drinking the beverage, the student “felt a higher level of intoxication, inconsistent with her past experiences.”

SUDPS spokesperson Bill Larson wrote in a statement to The Daily that SUDPS did not suspect any specific drug and did not know if a drug test had been performed.

The student did not want to speak with law enforcement, according to the alert, which said that the matter was reported to SUDPS Saturday at around 5:15 p.m. 

The alert says there is no information on a potential suspect and that the location on campus is unknown. Larson wrote to The Daily that he did not have further information about potential suspects or the location of the potential drugging. 

The incident follows nine potential druggings reported to SUDPS during the fall quarter. SUDPS has stated that none of these alleged fall druggings have been confirmed, and SUDPS lacks identifying information of potential suspects.

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This article has been corrected to reflect that Larson did not know if a drug test had been performed. A previous version of the article misstated that Larson said a drug test had not been performed. The Daily regrets this error.

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