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Health is a human right


“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world” (Paul Farmer).

Over half of the world’s population lacks access to necessary health services, with out of pocket costs driving nearly 100 million people into poverty every year. The U.S. is the only wealthy developed nation that does not have universal healthcare coverage, leaving close to 30 million people uninsured.

We at Stanford’s Partners in Health Engage chapter call on elected officials and members of our community to support comprehensive universal healthcare because we believe that someone’s background should not determine whether or not they receive quality health care. To do this, we encourage open conversations supporting healthcare for all and active participation in the upcoming elections. 

Health is not a partisan issue. It should not be up for debate. Health is a human right.


Stanford Partners in Health Engage 
Artenisa Kulla ’20
Shannon Richardson ’20
Luci Bresette ’22
Leah Balter ’22
Daniel Gao ’23
Julianna Keipp ’23
Angel Rodriguez ’20

Partners in Health Engage is a grassroots organization that fundraises, educates and advocates to support Partners in Health’s mission of providing preferential options for the poor and developing sustainable health systems around the world.

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