Treasures from the Stanford Bookstore


My field work for this piece consisted of a treacherous race to the bookstore at 7:45 p.m. before it closed at 8:00 p.m., followed by a semi-aimless wandering around the sale and supply sections. Maybe college has drastically lowered my standards for fun, but I honestly did enjoy it and even regretted leaving my wallet back at my dorm. So, if you’re looking for some mediocre fun, your wallet is still alive but barely breathing and you’re feeling spontaneous, here’s what I’d recommend:

Magnetic Dry Erase Board ($4.99)

I have one of these in my room, and one of my friends who basically counts as a third roommate writes differently themed phrases on it each week. Sometimes memes, sometimes vines, sometimes drawings. It serves as our moodboard now, and though it was originally supposed to be more of a to-do board, this adaptation has suited my interest just fine.

Composition Book ($3.99)

You could leave these the way they are and fill them with thoughts, doodles or underdeveloped plans for conquering the patriarchy, but what I’ve done is bought them in bulk and used magazine scraps to make them into collaged notebooks for my classes or as gifts for my friends. It’s a wonderful creative outlet, and the finished product always makes me smile (would recommend using sponges, though; glue in the fingernails is not the most pleasant sensation).

Decomposition Book ($5.00)

Semi-related to the note above but…LISTEN UP FOLKS. These are adorable as hell, sustainably made from recycled pages, and they’re so itty bitty that you could easily fit one in a jacket pocket. For the unannounced inspiration or the moments you need to capture something but don’t have a camera or literally anything else. Some mini versions of things are irresistible purely for their cuteness index.

Loose Leaf Rings ($1.49)

These are useful in their own right, but I also think they seem perfect for storing hair ties, cards or things of the like. I lose things very easily, and this is a fantastic coping mechanism for that issue. Also, if the above journals weren’t good enough for you, you could pick your own paper or fabric, hole-punch it and use these to create your own.

Sale Sweatshirt ($21.99 from $45.00)

Can’t afford the snazzy Stanford gear but feel the need to stunt because of crippling Imposter Syndrome? Then this one’s perfect for you! I picked one tag to look at, but most sale clothing items run pretty cheap, and a simple pair of scissors and some sub-par motor coordination can result in a decent cropped piece!

Glitter ($1.05)

I don’t know what kind of person you are if the word “glitter” isn’t enough for you, but in case you need justification: a) collaging/scrapbooking decor, b) makeup experimentation, c) hilarious exploding envelopes.

Assorted Duct Tape ($5.25)

People have done some rad shit with duct tape, and you don’t have to be an artisan to follow along. Enthuse your nostalgia! Make a waterproof tote, an affordably unique belt or a trusty key wristlet (super meta concept of using Stanford products to avoid buying other insanely overpriced Stanford products!)

Two-Pack Patches ($6.95)

Most people iron or sew these onto clothing (i.e. denim or utility type jackets), but if that doesn’t float your goat, I clipped mine onto my dorm room lights as with other photographs and disposable memorabilia.

And no, the Grind is not always consumer propaganda.

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Malia Mendez '22 is a Vol. 258A Summer Editor and Vol. 258 Community Life and Inclusion Program (CLIP) Exec. She is an English major from Irvine, California.