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There’s value in troughs: Ways to procrastinate


As a new quarter begins, we have the chance to reflect upon our peaks and troughs of productivity. Fun fact from Sleep & Dreams: Twice a day we have peaks, and twice a day we have troughs. The time of day that these occur is dependent upon whether you are an “early bird” or a “night owl.”

Regardless, we should value both the peaks and troughs, because they can signify times in which we get our shit done — and have said shit done with the most consummate flair — or moments in which we take a pause from the daily grind and make time for self-care, which is crucial to the status of our mental health and performance, both academically and socially.

Here are some, potentially propitious, methods you can use to procrastinate during the troughs of this quarter:

1. Go to the gym.

Although we’re all here to secure the highly coveted degree from an amazing university and meet awe-inspiring people from all walks of life, there’s no reason that we cannot get swole while we’re at it. If you really want to squeeze in some studying, you can always hit up the Stairmaster while flipping through math proofs or doing the readings for the next day.

2. Talk to people in your dorm.

I’ve found that, across the board, you always walk away from every conversation at Stanford having gained something. Whether it be a joke that makes you laugh until your knees buckle, or a mind-blowing fact that makes your jaw drop, you’re bound to depart with your sense of intellectual vitality tingling.

3. Bring out your inner Iron Chef.

Whip up a batch of some treat you’ve always had a hankering to try making, or perhaps ask someone at home for the recipe for some nostalgic snack. This might be an opportune time to break out of the Stanford Bubble and venture out, even if it’s just to the Trader Joe’s at Town & Country.

4. Take a shower.

Cleanse thyself. Cleanse thy soul. Cleanse thy spirit. Have a profoundly metaphysical debate with yourself and store up some snappy comebacks you can use in potential future squabbles.

5. Look at pictures of houses in your dream home city.

No harm done, right? Just planning for the future that comes after securing that highly coveted degree …

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