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Official residence staff result release confirms leak


Twelve students who applied for 2019-20 on-campus residential staffing positions confirmed that Wednesday’s leaked URL had, in fact, allowed them to view their selection results prior to Residential Education’s (ResEd) official release of the matches on Thursday at 12:05 p.m.

The link, which was widely circulated among applicants yesterday morning, allowed them to view their ranked preferences after ResEd had completed the matching algorithm that assigns students to staff residences. For some, one house preference was missing; students speculated and today confirmed that the missing preference was indeed the match they received. Four applicants who had no preferences missing confirmed they did not receive a staffing position.

Student Affairs spokesperson Pat Harris did not confirm that the link in fact allowed students to view their results, instead stating that ResEd is still investigating the matter. Harris emphasized that some students were only able to see an error message when they clicked the link.

“It is hard to form a general response when the material that each student saw when they signed in seems to have varied so greatly,” she said. “Details on that specific link is exactly what we’re looking into now. … This is something the selection team is going to look at and think through for next year.”

Students confirmed that the information displayed when they revisited the leaked link remains unchanged from yesterday.


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