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Walking versus biking to class

EVAN PENG / The Stanford Daily

After spending freshman year committed to biking everywhere on campus, I have begun to explore the joys of walking this year. However, as I have found myself alternating between the two modes of transportation, I have noticed that I employ them in very different circumstances.

If I walked to class, I most likely …

  1. Woke up a few minutes before my alarm
  2. Finished all my homework the night before
  3. Enjoyed a leisurely, several course breakfast in the dining hall
  4. Carefully selected a cute outfit, probably a dress (which makes biking challenging)
  5. Am #glowing from my full skin care routine (face wash, exfoliating scrub, moisturizer, the works)
  6. Am swishing my flowing, glossy hair which glistens in the sunlight
  7. Basked in the temperate weather
  8. Listened to an uplifting playlist (probably Ariana Grande)
  9. Began singing along with woodland creatures I encountered on my walk
  10. Transformed into a Disney princess

If I biked to class, I most likely …

  1. Rolled out of bed three minutes before class
  2. Smashed the submit button on an assignment that I swore I would double-check before submitting, without double-checking it
  3. Didn’t eat breakfast or threw a protein bar in my backpack
  4. Continued wearing my pajamas (possibly managed to change my sweatpants to leggings)
  5. Still look beautiful, but in an avant-garde, “I actually woke up like this” kind of way (eye crusties and pimples included)
  6. Threw my unwashed, greasy hair into a messy bun
  7. Sloshed through rain pouring with the fury of a thousand gods or endured that weird, foggy moistness hanging in the air right before rain
  8. Listened only to the squeak of my pedals and my racing pulse
  9. Flew through two Circles of Death wearing a permanent scowl whilst muttering curses under my breath for all the people IN MY WAY PLEASE MOVE THIS IS A ROAD HELLO
  10. Became a strong competitor for the evilest of evil queens


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