Workout Wednesday: Seven workouts for this quarter


Every year, one of my New Year’s resolutions involves some sort of exercise goal — whether it’s to hike a few times a week or to try a new fitness trend. However, after about Jan. 15, every single year without fail, I start forgetting about my resolution because it’s already been two weeks since New Year’s and it’s rainy outside.

In hopes of providing some workout inspiration, I’ve come up with six workouts to try for the rest of the quarter — preferably on Wednesdays for the alliteration!

Week 4: Hike the Dish

If it isn’t too cold or rainy, hiking the dish in cool, comfortable weather is a fun activity to do with friends. It also provides some great photo ops for the Insta-inclined.

Week 5: “Muscle Beach”

Located on Arguello Field between the Wilbur and Stern dorms, “Muscle Beach” allows members of the Stanford community to exercise by using TRX machines.

WEEK 6: OrangeTheory Fitness

This popular fitness chain is located off-campus, but it’s absolutely worth the money and time. For newcomers, the first class is $12, and from there, regulars can purchase packages. OrangeTheory workouts consist of a combination of cardio and strength training including running, power-walking, weights and rowing.

Week 7: Tennis at the West Courts

If you’re in the mood to get outside, hitting the courts with a friend or even joining a one-unit tennis P.E. class is a great way to exercise and meet new people.

Week 8: SoulCycle

Are you feeling like getting off campus between midterms and finals? Although it’s pricey, I find a SoulCycle class to be worth the money. Despite its reputation as being cult-like, SoulCycle burns a lot of calories in a short time span (only 45 minutes) and leaves you feeling highly accomplished for the rest of the day.

Week 9: Basketball at Arrillaga

Although I’m definitely not the best at basketball, it’s always great to head over to Arrillaga Gym and shoot some hoops with friends. Plus, throwing around a basketball while getting in some cardio is a great, effective way to decrease stress before Dead Week and finals.

Week 10: Reading on the Elliptical or Stationary Bike

Granted, this isn’t exactly a fantastic workout, but it’s still better than nothing! Plus, during Week 10 you’ll be hard-pressed to find time to exercise, so you might as well prepare for your final exams or catch up on all of the readings you missed for that history class while being active.


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