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Corrections: Oct. 29 – Nov. 9

The following corrections were issued to Daily articles published between Oct. 29 and Nov. 9.

  • “Stanford defends Harvard in admissions case,” published Nov. 2, was corrected to apply the accurate gender pronoun to Huanvy Phan ’20.
  • “Dems Reclaim House: Across campus, students react at watch parties,” published Wednesday, Nov. 7, was corrected to note that Ana Cabrera ’19 criticized a campaign ad for gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis, not senatorial candidate Rick Scott. It was also updated to describe the distinction between White Plaza, a University-designated “free speech area,” and the Potter lounge, an inside area accessible to all residents and other students, and to clarify that Ben Esposito did not originally know how many photographs the reporter had taken at the Stanford College Republicans’ event, and that he spoke with the reporter outside the lounge after the dispute over the photography. Lastly, it was updated to clarify that Democrats took back two Congressional districts close to where Cabrera lives. The original article noted that Democrats took back “several” districts, but it did not provide a number.
  • “GSC discusses ASSU, SSE rebranding,” published Nov. 8, was corrected to reflect that Ana Tarano attended a meeting for female Ph.D. students who are tackling sexual harassment in STEM departments, hosted by executive director of WISE Ventures Carol B. Muller; she did not host a meetup for female Ph.D stem students facing sexual harassment, as the article previously stated.
  • “Bob Woodward speaks on Trump,” published Nov. 9, was corrected to reflect Archibald Cox’s correct role as special prosecutor. An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that he served as the attorney general.

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