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Man suspected of drugging and groping female student


A female student was allegedly drugged and groped at a social event on The Row late Saturday night, according to an AlertSU report. The report states that the woman was offered water by an unknown male, whose affiliation to Stanford remains unclear.

After taking a sip of the potentially-spiked drink, the woman thought that the liquid tasted strange. She has little recollection of the remainder of the evening, but told her friends that while she and the male suspect were dancing, he “groped” her.

It is unknown whether an additional crime, such as a sexual assault, also took place that night. The victim’s friends safely escorted her home, according to the report.

The incident was reported to Stanford’s Department of Public Safety (SUDPS) on Sunday. SUDPS described the incident as a “possible aggravated assault.” Aggravated assault includes the act of intentionally giving someone a harmful substance without their consent or knowledge.

The Department encourages members of the community with knowledge of the crime to contact Public Safety officials at 650.329.2413.

In a statement issued to The Daily Monday night, Stanford Public Safety said it has no further information on the matter.



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