Photo Gallery blurb: Cesar Arevalo Jr.


This collection of images captures the area surrounding Stanford’s campus through different perspectives with an emphasis on the driver’s seat and public transportation. Most images were captured during desperate attempts to get away from campus life. These trips served to silence my mind and clear the haze that had developed throughout the week. The winding mountain road featured in the gallery is Page Mill Road, which leads to Skyline Ridge and the viewpoint from the final image. Other car shots were taken somewhere in Redwood City as I drove back at the tail end of rush hour following an unsuccessful attempt to venture out to Half Moon Bay on my own with only enough gas for a one-way trip. The train pictures were from a trip I made out to Berkeley to pick up the car featured in the rest of the gallery, which I share with my sister on a monthly basis. The highlight of this trip was a feeble attempt at doing homework that came to an end when I made the realization that one can’t connect to Stanford Residences or eduroam while on the Caltrain.

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