How to make Halloween a Hallo-win


Let’s face the facts! It’s the day before Halloween, you’re exhausted from the weekend, and you probably procrastinated putting together an actual costume. I know what you’re thinking: You can just be something simple, like a lifeguard … or a cat … or a devil. These costumes may be quick and easy, but they will also scream, “I’m basic!”

Don’t worry, friends! Here are some alternative quick and easy costumes that will make you stand out from the crowd:

  1. A Cloud: Simply wear all grey, get/make some fake money, and when someone asks what you are, make it rain!
  2. Life: You can get creative with what you wear depending on your interpretation of life. Just carry some lemons, and give them to people.
  3. Sticky Gum: Dress head to toe in the color of your choice. Tape a shoe onto your head. Ta Da! You’re gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe!
  4. Universal Healthcare: Grab a friend. Have one person dress as the universe with galaxy-themed clothing or makeup. Have the other person dress as a medic, and boom! Universal Healthcare.
  5. Candy Rapper: If you eat a lot of candy, this one’s for you. Just stick candy wrappers onto yourself, throw on some shades, and gear up your $wag for an epic costume! Extra points if you can spit some fire about candy.
  6. A Copy Cat: A twist on the classic cat costume. Simply write or tape the word copy onto your shirt. Defeat the basic with irony!
  7. Poop: Wear all brown. If anyone questions your decision, remind them that you’re the shit!
  8. Nickelback: Tape a bunch of nickels to the back of your shirt. Extra points if you carry a photograph and break into song at opportune moments.

I hope this sampling has inspired you to explore the world outside basic Halloween costumes. Though I’ve given you plenty of options, it’s completely okay to sport a more traditional look. The most important thing is that you have fun, and I’m sure that you will look SPOOK-tacular no matter what you wear. Happy Halloween!


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