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Benefit concert for refugees draws hundreds


A benefit concert Saturday night at Memorial Church drew hundreds to raise funds for the International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian relief organization. Organizers expect that the event raised over $1,500, which will support refugee resettlement and other refugee outreach work.

According to event organizer Leila Abdelrahman ’19, the event sold about 310 tickets.

“I think it went really well,” Abdelrahman said. “A lot of things came together very well.”

The event featured a number of musical, dance and comedic performances. The event also included remarks from Dean of Religious Life Jane Shaw and from a representative of the International Rescue Committee.

The event was organized by the Muslim Student Union and was supported by the Markaz, the Office for Religious Life, the Iranian Studies Program, the Haas Center for Public Service, the Arab Students Association, the Bechtel International Center and the Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies.

Anita Husen, associate dean and director of the Markaz, attended the event and applauded the work of the students involved.

“I am just really proud for the students for the first time they did such a big event, and it was such a big hit,” Husen said.

Jenny Raymond, a staff member for the International Rescue Committee who spoke at the event, was also pleased and said many of those who came to the event had asked for more ways to help her organization’s cause.

“I was incredibly pleased both by the turnout and the excitement of seeing those performers,” Raymond said.


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