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A conversation with Sarah Lipps, wellness expert and founder of Bare Bowls


We know there are a lot of health gurus in Palo Alto, but what I love about Sarah Lipps, founder of Bare Bowls and creator of the incredibly successful Instagram account @simply_sare, is that she is genuinely one of the most thoughtful and centered people you will meet. Not only is she is a self-starter, business owner and up-to-date on all of the latest wellness trends, but she also makes it her mission to incorporate the essence of living well into her life while inspiring others to do the same.

Over email, I asked Sarah about what it means to her to live well. Check out some of her answers on how she incorporates wellness into her daily life. 

Founder of popular Palo Alto eatery Bare Bowls, Sarah Lipps. (@BARE_BOWLS/Instagram)

If you could eat anything for breakfast, what would you choose?

This changes all the time. Of course I am in LOVE with acai bowls, and I could actually eat them every day. Right now I have been experimenting with a lot of paleo waffles though!

What are five healthy go-tos you always have in you pantry?

These days am loving cacao nibs, maca, and any nut butter (but I am loving cashew), collagen (total game changer–my nails are the longest ever–which is still short, but still!) and MCT oil.

You can’t go to bed without:

Flossing for one, and then also a podcast — I love going to bed listening to something — although, I usually fall asleep within three minutes. Not sure this is advised, but it works for me!

Your favorite current wellness trend:

Oh my! I could read about wellness news for hours. I am totally digging bulletproof coffee right now and all the hype around healthy fats!

Biggest take-away from managing such a successful social media presence:

I would say always be yourself. Pick the photo you like, caption it how you would like [and] be consistent. Everyone kind of develops their own style, and it’s important to post with brands you love and support and say things how you would say them. There is no need to over-think photos or captions — let people get to know you and your style just the way you are.

Your go-to workout:

This always changes too! I love trying new classes. Right now, I have been meeting up with my dad to workout — we build our own circuits and blast music while catching up all at the same time. After we workout, we sit down and do a headspace meditation which we both are loving. In the fall I was really in love with Pilates — still am — just need to make my way back!

Biggest lesson you learned from starting your own business:

There are SO many! IF you’re starting a business, I hope it is aligned with your passion! For me this is HUGE. I love playing around with food, following wellness trends, partnering with people and companies in the community! It’s already harder than you imagine, and you’re already working day and night no matter what, so it better be something you LOVE. I know I totally lose track of time dreaming of all possibilities with where BARE can go. Also, you won’t be good at everything. Hire people that complement you!

What’s your favorite thing to order at Bare Bowls?

That’s hard. My favorite bowl is the “Trailblazer” (almond butter for days), my favorite blend is the “Maverick Mocha” (cold brew coffee), and my favorite warm drink is the “A Potion A Day.” I am also loving the two oatmeal bowls with probiotic yogurt on top … it’s [kind of] hard to choose one!

What’s your go-to piece of health advice?

Follow what feels good for you. There are a million wellness trends — you can’t follow them all at the same time, you know — you will go crazy if you do because it’s impossible. There is no perfect one. No perfect diet and exercise you should be doing. Listen to your body. What feels good to eat at the moment? Do you have a lot of energy or not? Everyone is different, so eat foods and choose exercises you generally enjoy! And by all means, don’t over-think it.

Your daily mantra:

I for sure love quotes — I don’t have a mantra of the day. In the morning, I try to write down five things that I am grateful from the day before and then a “surrender” list of things that I need to let go of — a.k.a. I can’t control the outcome of. It may be something I am worried about. That usually gets me going worry free and grateful!

Your favorite piece of inspiration:

I am inspired by any person who takes risks, and is completely REAL. I love when people share, and you know that it’s completely authentic and genuine. It really helps you connect with that person because it is not flawless and perfect all the time. 


To see more of what Sarah is up to, follow her on Instagram @simply_sare, or head over to Bare Bowls, located at 530 Emerson St, Palo Alto.


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