Lake Lagunita trail to close for water replacement, but lake won’t be refilled


The sign above has stirred students' hopes that Lake Lag will be refilled (JACOB NIERENBERG/The Stanford Daily).
The sign above has stirred students’ hopes that Lake Lag will be refilled (JACOB NIERENBERG/The Stanford Daily).

Near the start of September, a sign appeared near Lake Lagunita announcing trail closures for a lake water replacement project. Unfortunately for hopeful students, the sign is not referring to a refilling of the lake, which has been dry since the 1990s.

Tom Zigterman, director of water resources and civil infrastructure, said in a statement to The Daily, “‘Lake water system’ refers to Felt lake and Searsville lake, not Lagunita.”

Because of the wording and location of the sign, some students have misinterpreted it as an indication that Lake Lagunita will be refilled.

The project is replacing an old cast iron pipeline with modern materials, and needed to be completed before the rainy season. The pipeline runs from the lakes to Campus Drive East and facilitates the irrigation of landscaping and athletic fields with lake water.  


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