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ASSU Elections results delayed

Originally slated for release on Saturday, April 9, the results of the 2016 ASSU elections will be delayed until Monday, April 11 at the earliest. The reason for the delay, outlined in an email to candidates from the ASSU elections commission, is ostensibly so that the elections commission can “validate the results”.

According to the commission, the problem was primarily caused by votes for the 15th Undergraduate Senate seat being too close to call, with the difference between the 15th and 16th candidates being a single vote. Since voters self-declared their graduate or undergraduate status, the elections commission plans to check the enrollment status of all voters to ensure that there were no graduate student votes in the undergraduate senate election.

In previous years, the results were announced on the Saturday of elections week in a release party at the CoHo. As of Sunday afternoon, the commission was in the process of seeking access to the validation area of the elections website.

Senate candidates were left in the lurch prior to the elections commission’s announcement today.

Junwon Park ’19 reflected, “Actually, I feel less nervous today than I did yesterday. I only found out what was going on this afternoon, so I was left in blindness yesterday. Candidates were talking among ourselves too, nervously awaiting the results to be announced.”

He added, “However, I now feel like I can calmly accept the result, whatever it may be.”

In an email to the Daily, Elections Commissioner Eric Wilson ’16 explained, “This [validation process] is critical for the Undergraduate Senate, as the last seat is too close to call at a 1 vote difference between the [candidates coming in 15th and 16th].”


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