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A day guide to eating basic in Palo Alto


Breakfast: Bare Bowls

Whew! You’ve just finished an amazing early morning Justin Bieber ride at SoulCycle. You are feeling empowered and you are ready to treat your temple of a body with some wholesome goodness. What’s more refreshing and delicious than some Bare Bowls? You love the fact that their fruit is all organic and their granola is gluten-free AND locally-sourced. And obviously, every true betch appreciates the fact that breakfast here makes a perfect Instagram post as well.


Lunch: Sprout Café

You’re feeling super healthy and nourished after that Bare Bowls, so you definitely want to keep that health kick going. There’s nothing like a giant salad for lunch, so it’s time to head to Sprout for a make-your-own-salad. And since a betch needs to have everything just her way, it’s a good thing you can customize your salad just the way you want it.

Courtesy Sprout Café, Palo Alto.
Courtesy Sprout Café, Palo Alto.

Afternoon snack: Blue Bottle Coffee

It’s time for your afternoon pick-me-up. Obviously you’ve already had your venti iced coffee with soy today, but it’s time to meet with the girls to do some serious gossip and some not-so-serious attempts at schoolwork. You can only be seen working in the trendiest of places while sipping the artisan coffee, of course, so head to Blue Bottle for your New Orleans iced coffee. It has roasted chicory in it, and even though you probably don’t really know what that is, it sounds fancy so it must be amazing.


Dinner: Lyfe Kitchen

There’s only one place for a betch and her girls to eat dinner, and that is Lyfe Kitchen. You can sip on cucumber mint chia water while eating all organic salads and baked sweet potato fries. What betch doesn’t want to dine in such a hip restaurant among the floating air plants? After all, it isn’t just about the food — it’s about the ambience too.


Dessert: Pressed Juicery

To get that sweet fix, head to a betch’s true paradise, Pressed Juicery. Who doesn’t love a vegan, gluten-free, refined-sugar-free ice cream that actually tastes like the real thing? You can have your kale and eat it too. Who needs green juice when you can eat it frozen?



After that day of delicious eats, it’s time to get in bed with a bowl of Skinny Pop and watch some “Gossip Girl” on Netflix. It’s time to get your beauty sleep; you need to be up early for your hot yoga tomorrow!


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