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Dining halls: A freshman’s perspective


With the dawn of a new school year, a wave of bright new faces flooded Stanford’s campus. Ah, yes — freshmen. Freshmen, sparkling full of hope and an excitement to learn. Freshmen, hopelessly doomed to gain the “Freshman 15.” We are seeing the food world of Stanford for the first time and we’re liking what we see. For all you jaded upperclassmen out there, here are dining halls from the perspective of a freshman:


Arrillaga is the dining hall. Two stories tall and equipped with a balcony as well as floor-to-ceiling windows, Arrillaga is self-possessed and confident in its abilities as a dining hall. It is to dining halls what Green is to libraries. If the two were humans, they would no doubt be the white picket fence couple-next-door who’d been happily married for almost 25 years. Unfortunately, much like our suburban neighbors, its food is satisfactory yet overwhelmingly bland. A great and necessary staple for the street but definitely not where you’d go to spice things up.


No doubt the prominent favorite among undergrads, Florence Moore dining rarely fails to impress with a beautifully balanced mix of ethnic and classic food. FloMo is your hip, young Indian friend. Because of her quirky and introverted side, FloMo disappears for two days a week — probably to meditate and explore her spirituality. Fortunately, her weekly retreat puts her in a great mood and she treats the gang to delicious homestyle dinner on Sundays.


Healthy Ricker, also known as Mr. Crossfit, serves powerfoods with unfamiliar names. Kale? Quinoa? Tofu? No thank you. Call me over on your cheat days, and I’ll gladly Die by Chocolate with you.

Manzanita, Branner, Lakeside

Older, retired couples. Respectable but not often visited.


Much like your ex-boyfriend, Wilbur sounds great in your head but in reality, always runs out of frozen fruit for smoothies. He was a pretty swell catch in his own chaotic way, but, let’s face it, just isn’t quite right for you.


Stern is the bae of all baes. Although she may not be as fun and interesting as FloMo, Stern is always there for you, providing comfort and soul food seven days a week. You may be tempted to stray and try out different dining halls, but in the clutches of school worries, you will always turn to trusty Stern. Equipped with sweet assets like a fantastic burrito bar and mega-friendly staff, going to Stern will always feel like returning to the midst of a warm embrace.


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