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Anita Richard: Fall, football and other things that start with ‘F’


Anita here! I know it’s only been a week, but I’m back for more. I’m sure you’ve noticed the mornings getting colder and the days getting shorter. No matter how bad you want to hold on to the long, hot days and even longer, steamy nights, summer is leaving us. It’s time to prepare for the coming of autumn… and the leaves aren’t the only things about to be blown.

If you’re like me at all, staying fashion forward in the fall is harder than it looks — you’re probably always asking yourself: is it in? On these cool California nights, there are more than a few ways to stay warm. Don’t forget, the best way to conserve your body heat is to get up close and personal to your special someone… or anyone. Turn that chilly brisk into a late night frisk.

As we discussed last week, fall is full of new beginnings. However, there are some aspects to autumn that we welcome back time and time again. As usual, Starbucks will reintroduce a classic favorite: pumpkin spice… up my sex life. In addition, football continues to bring us all together.

But let’s take a moment to appreciate the sculpted glutes of our hard-working football team. In this weekend’s game against Arizona, our boys really made us proud by pounding the Cats. Although I love seeing the running-backs shove it in there, I know how to appreciate the strong, gentle touch of our wide receivers too. You know, they say that our receivers have the best hands in all of college football. At the end of the day, though, my favorite position is tight end. And my favorite number? 69 of course. But that is reserved strictly for off-the-field play.

As the Wildcats were desperately looking to score, Stanford continually went all the way — touchdown after touchdown. But don’t let the party end on the field, boys. I’d love to see you “go long” in more ways than one. Our ranking moves up to 16 for the next week, and my spirits are remaining high. This season, I’m starting to dream of finishing on top.

As we go deep into this fall, take time to appreciate the little things because the best things in life just come — sometimes prematurely when we don’t expect them. When your studies begin to take advantage of you, take a breath and keep dancing to LSJUMB’s “All Right Now” because we are going to do this all night now.

If you have comments about the article, you can find Anita either at The Daily office or on the row.

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