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SAE house tagged with anti-Semitic graffiti

SAE's house was defaced with with swastikas Saturday night. (Courtesy of Daniel Mael)

SAE’s house was defaced with with swastikas Saturday night. (Courtesy of Daniel Mael)

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity house was painted with swastikas Saturday night, along with several personal slurs and epithets.

The graffiti was discovered late on Saturday night by members of the fraternity as they were returning to the building.

“We discovered a number of offensive symbols and messages spray-painted on the SAE house,” said the president of Stanford’s SAE chapter.

The president did not want to be named so as to prevent association with “such hateful symbolism.”

“We have no reason to believe that this was targeted toward any particular student in SAE,” he said.

“I am deeply troubled by the act of vandalism, including symbols of hate, that has marred our campus,” University President John Hennessy said in a statement to The Daily. “The University will not tolerate hate crimes and this incident will be fully investigated, both by campus police and by the University under our Acts of Intolerance Protocol. This level of incivility has no place at Stanford.”

“I ask everyone in the University community to stand together against intolerance and hate, and to affirm our commitment to a campus community where discourse is civil, where we value differences and where every individual is respected,” Hennessy said.

Stanford University Department of Public Safety (SUDPS) spokesman Bill Larson said that the incident will be recorded as a hate crime. Larson said that the incident was under an active investigation and that the intent behind the incident was not yet known.

Liana Kadisha ’15, president of the Stanford Israel Association, said that Jewish student groups and their leaders are planning a response in the form of a pledge against anti-Semitism.

“It was very unfortunate to see anti-Semitism on Stanford’s campus,” said Kadisha, explaining that events like these are part of what she sees as a pattern.

“I don’t want to speculate to the cause of the vandalism, but after divestment, there has been a rise in hostility towards Jewish communities,” she added.

She also explained that many student groups have started refusing to co-sponsor events with the Stanford Israel Association.

Other members of the Jewish community have expressed concern over the incident.

“The Jewish community is organizing a university-wide gathering early this week to stand in solidarity against anti-Semitism,” said Joseph Shayani ’16, president of Jewish Student Association.

The incident comes three weeks after Molly Horwitz’s allegations against Stanford’s Students of Color Coalition, which sparked discussions on campus about what constitutes anti-Semitism. The vandalism also took place just after the conclusion of Admit Weekend.

SAE was recently under scrutiny from the University administration for violation of Title IX regulations. The fraternity’s housing privileges have been revoked for the next academic year – the house currently appears as “1047 Campus Drive” on the 2015-16 housing draw.

Additionally, a pentagram in the same color spray paint was also discovered on the back wall of Casa Italiana. Police are investigating the incident, according to residents of Casa.

University spokeswoman Lisa Lapin also said that graffiti was reported at BOB.

Caleb Smith contributed reporting to this article.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article misspelled Molly Horwitz’s name. The Daily regrets this error.

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  • Jamie

    Hey just a heads up, its the Stanford Israel Alliance, not Association, and the girl’s name is Molly Horwitz, not Horowitz

  • Maxine

    The Daily does a pretty shitty job at researching basic facts like that.

  • Alumna

    This is what happens when the pro-divestment groups and individuals have their way. Let’s see if they condemn this hate crime. Anti-Semitism in promoted by these people who have no moral clarity, knowledge of history, or logical thinking. What a shame!

  • It’s Association
  • mxm123

    Any proof any of them did it. Nope. You’re just capitalizing on this incident to validate your agenda.

  • JMAR

    I condemn the act of hatred perpetrated on SAE and would attend
    a rally/vigil in support of anti-Semitism because I know by experience hate
    crime causes pain long after the incident and that a pubic rejection has the
    power to attenuate the psychological impact. However, by the same token – I
    can’t accept deliberate association of a hate crime with the Students of Color
    Coalition – there is no basis to include them here as somehow establishing a
    pattern of crime.
    The allegation mentioned accused the SOCC endorsement panel of asking a candidate if her Jewish identity would affect her decision on divestment. The University administration responded quickly and SOCC complied fully with the
    investigation, each student present was interviewed separately and all
    documents relating to the day were provided for evaluation – but there is no
    evidence to support the claim.
    The Administration took further action and Provost Etchmendy made a speech before elections – characterizing SOCC as close-minded, incapable of a ‘civil’ dialogue and their demonstrations with signs as‘distressing’. He used an allegation as an occasion to quiet a group whose students are key in other demonstrations and have forced the University’s hand in how sexual assaults are handled and to hire mental health professionals who are minorities themselves.
    Although The Daily is the one making the accusation through affiliation – I would hope that University does not follow in suit and instead of focusing on investigating the crime, uses the occasion for its self-serving agenda.
    – SAE should condemn the association –
    because it undermines the seriousness of the crime and absolves the real
    perpetrator from having to face the consequences and allows them to be used as a means to persecute another group.

  • maliban
  • Josh

    Is the Provost’s speech online somewhere?

  • Arthur

    Go to http://news.stanford.edu/news/2015/april/facsen-april-meeting-041715.html , and search for the section with the title “Essential feature of dialogue is listening”.

  • MtSneffles

    Honestly, I’m not surprised that something like this has happened at Stanford, given the antisemitic remarks that some students have been saying publicly and on YikYak in the last few weeks. Something seriously wrong is happening within the activist crowd in the Stanford undergrad population.

  • MtSneffles

    Instead of being pro-peace, a loud group of students here has been publicly anti-Israel. Being against one side in a complicated conflict is no way to peacefully and equitably resolve it.

  • mxm123

    Israeli settlement policy is not complicated. Quit pretending so. Its an open land grab by a country that knows it can get away with it thanks to an American veto at the UN.

    And of course the Hillel and its sock puppets would like us all to pretend its some kind of complicated conflict. Nonsense.

  • MtSneffles

    ^ Case in point

  • mxm123

    ^ A perfect example of a “victim”. Anything to prevent talking about disinvestment and Israeli Apartheid.

  • MtSneffles

    It seems clear that mxm isn’t interested in having a real debate because the problem is so simple and one-sided in his mind. Critical thinking need not apply in this case. I’m sure he is also fine with ending the occupation of Native American lands and having his family become refugees somewhere.

    But for others in favor of divestment who legitimately want to discuss the matter, I want to know where you would have the hundreds of Jewish families go if the “Israeli occupation” ended. Who would protect those Jewish families if the Israeli government ceased to exist?

    The only simple part of this entire conflict is that real, innocent people who are both Palestinian and Israeli live in the same contested lands and cannot be expected to become displaced or lose rights.

    Ending the “Israeli occupation” is just as noxious a notion as the idea that Jews are right to further settle into Palestinian lands. Let’s get past taking arbitrary sides and focus 100% on human rights.

  • mxm123

    Debate, with you. Really ? Even before the cops have a clue of who did this dirty deed, you’ve already started pointing fingers. And you want a debate !!!

    Ending the occupation of Native American lands. Now was that before the UN was formed to prevent such deeds in the future. Oh never mind, that would be too “complicated” for you.

    You want to know where the Jewish families have to go once the Occupation ends. How about looking up their passports. It would say Israel.

    “live in the same contested lands and cannot be expected to become displaced or lose rights.” – Except one of them is actively stripped of their rights.

    Human rights, in your terms is to pretend there is no such thing as an Occupied entity. Nice !!!

  • Guest

    Israeli settlement policy is plenty complicated. You are talking about disputed land. You are talking about land that Jordan attacked Israel from and then lost it in war. You are also talking about ethnically cleansing Jews from Judea and Samaria, when you know that you’d yell bloody murder if Israel tried to cleanse Muslims from Israel.

  • mxm123

    No its not. The entire world, calls it the Occupied Territories for a reason. If Israel does not like the borders granted by the UN, it surely can go to the UN and ask for Judea and Sameria. Until then settlements on those lands are nothing but settling on stolen land with apartheid being imposed on Palestinians.

    The Geneva Convention clearly states you can’t transfer a country’s population onto occupied lands.

    If you want Jews from Israel, to settle anywhere on that land, how about Palestinians given the same rights anywhere on that land and in Israel too.

    Enough of your double speak.

  • Not This Again

    I would assume that those families would then be under whatever government then controls the land, as what has happened many times before whenever an occupying power that has allowed its own people to take land has left the region. Examples: USA, Mexico, actually pretty much the entire Western Hemisphere and many African countries.

    I would hope that the families would gain minority status in the new country they would live in, although due to way the occupation operates they would certainly lose some privileges, and undoubtedly the rest of the population would hold enmity towards them – as would anyone who sees a group of people taking what should be theirs.

    Unfortunately the sides are very much non-arbitrary. Land and resource distribution are the most important factors of the issue, and the sides have very different ranges of ideas of how to settle things. Those that want everything back to the Green Line essentially want back everything they see as taken from them, and who could honestly blame them? You can tell a community that their neighborhood must be destroyed to make way for a highway that will reap innumerable benefits for the state, but that doesn’t change the fact that suddenly everyone is homeless.

    And lastly: this article has absolutely nothing to do with Israel. why must this always be brought up?

  • AchillesAchillesAchilles

    This may not be a matter EXTERNAL to Sigma Alpha Epsilon. From Wiki:

    In the fall of 1991, the University of Houston SAE chapter was suspended when the fraternity’s president bit off a finger of a female guest’s hand during an altercation with her boyfriend at a party held at the fraternity house. In 2002, Syracuse University officials suspended the SAE chapter after a member appeared in blackface. The member was expelled from the university. The chapter returned after the suspension and in 2006 was found guilty of hazing a new member by the university’s Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. In 2014, a rape allegedly took place at an SAE party at Loyola Marymount University. The national organization reacted by closing the chapter. In October 2014, the University of Southern California chapter was closed for reportedly “violating members’ health and safety”. In December 2014, Stanford University announced a two-year suspension of SAE housing due to reports of sexual harassment. In January 2015, a victim was hospitalized following allegations of sexual assault at a party at a SAE Iowa State University party. The incident is under investigation by police and the chapter suspended the member suspected of the assault. In March 2015, The Johns Hopkins University suspended its SAE chapter until Spring 2016 after an alleged sexual assault at one of SAE’s parties. The Yale University chapter faces a ban against use of the university email and bulletin board system as well as association of the fraternity name and the university following “inappropriate comments” made by SAE members. Discriminatory incidents See also: 2015 University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon racial incident In 1982 SAE members at the University of Cincinnati were suspended for a racially insensitive party corresponding with Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. In 2013, SAE members at Washington University in St. Louis were suspended for singing racial slurs to African-American Students. In 2014, the chapter at Clemson University hosted a “Cripmas” party in reference to Southern California based African-American crips gang. The chapter “suspended all activity indefinitely”, according to the SAE national office. Also, in 2014, SAE members at the University of Arizona were suspended for attacking Alpha Epsilon Pi, a Jewish fraternity. In March 2015, the national organization of Sigma Alpha Epsilon closed the University of Oklahoma chapter after a video surfaced showing members chanting a song which featured the racial slur, “nigger,” and made reference to lynching. The chant, set to melody of the popular children’s song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, declares, “There will never be a nigger in SAE. You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me.” Sigma Alpha Epsilon suspended the charter of the involved chapter and suspended its members on March 8, 2015. The University of Oklahoma president, David Boren, closed the fraternity chapter, giving members two days to vacate the fraternity’s campus dwellings. On March 10, 2015, two students identified in the video were expelled from the university.

    Let’s just say this needs some looking into.

  • Alum

    As an SAE alum, this is a completely ridiculous comment. SAE is a huge organization with over 300,000 members nationwide.

    Equating any of these incidents with Stanford is like blaming a single McDonalds franchise for every crime that ever occurred at a McDonalds. I don’t think I met an SAE from another school the entire time I was there, and the national organization has close to zero influence over the chapter.

    But you are not only implying that somehow Stanford’s SAE chapter bears responsibility for the past actions of other SAE chapters. You are implying, based on absolutely no evidence, that because people they share nothing more than a name with have committed various unrelated crimes, SAE members would deface their own home with a threat to their own brothers, many of whom are Jewish.

    Unbelievable. Stanford Daily, get this crap out of here.

  • AchillesAchillesAchilles

    The Stanford Sigma Alpha Epsilon is specifically mentioned. Look carefully.

  • robman012

    Please let there be cameras, because we all know there weren’t any…
    It says allot when they immediately blame Divestment and then bitch and moan about how no one wants to co-sponsor events with them. Don’t you think that there should be a proper investigation before you immediately blame and degrade your fellow students? Or is it that cheap wins through the art of political destruction is more important? As if these things weren’t ever sprayed in schools throughout history without divestment. Give me a break.

  • what

    Stanford SAE currently has at least 10 Jewish members. Although, with the precedent that Title IX has set by labeling sexist jokes sexual harassment, I suppose it is reasonable to believe that a house whose Vice President is Jewish would deface its residence with Nazi symbolism.

  • Buddha

    This whole incident is sad, but one of the saddest parts is how instead of rallying around a community that is hurting and that feels targeted at Stanford. Many commenting on this article are continuing a debate that frankly isn’t relevant right now.

    We have 18-22-year old kids who are going to a University that for them seems unwelcoming due to incidents like this. The appropriate thing to do is to send comments of love, not hate. This is an opportunity to come together.

    Dear Stanford Jewish community, you are valued and loved and this does not represent Stanford.



  • Alum

    I’m sorry I didn’t notice the mention of a completely irrelevant incident from this group in this huge pile of completely irrelevant incidents from unrelated groups…

  • Disappointed

    This incident is an opportunity for the campus come together, regardless of their beliefs about the israel/palestine debate, against a hate crime comitted by some idiot with spray paint. As a Jewish student on campus, it really upsets me that you would use something like this to drive more of a wedge into the split that already exists.

  • barnburner

    Oh please. Such nonsense. First, the UN was not formed to prevent occupation of lands. Whomever taught you that is feeding you ideological spin. It was formed to give a platform for nations to discuss and end disputes peacefully. Anti-colonialism became a UN issue later. Second, it is quite clear you know nothing about Hamas. Its charter calls for the murder and genocide of Jews, not Israelis, Jews. If you put them in charge of Israel like you want, and make the Jewish people the minority, there will be slaughter, potential genocide. Not that I bet you care. It’s quite clear that you rage with hatred. And you claim to care about human rights? How about the right of children to ride a bus without it blowing up? Muslims in Israel are free. They vote, get the same education, serve in government. Jews in Palestinian territory? How are they treated? Good luck finding alive ones. Third, how far back to you want to go to determine occupation? Or did history just start with colonialism in your world? There were people in America before the Native Americans, which makes the NAs occupiers too, right? Jews were on that land before the Muslim religion was even invented, and Palestine has never existed as a country. Put down your neo-Marxism, learn real history and think critically. It will do you good.

  • AchillesAchillesAchilles

    It is very likely than only a few SAE members would be involved if SAE perpetrators were discovered. The possibility of an in house origin must be evaluated; there was a big enough problem with Stanford SAE that a disciplinary act was taken, not in the early twentieth century, but in December 2014.

  • mxm123

    Rather than regurgitate the same old poppycock nonsense you may want to check your facts.

    The United Nations and its predecessor League of Nations were formed to prevent / resolve disputes between nations. And that’s why they’ve passed resolutions regarding this Occupation, in case you forgot. I guess you haven’t heard of the Geneva Convention.

    And before you go one with the rest of your self serving diatribe do tell what Hamas has to do with settlements in the Occupied territories. Quite making up an endless stream of nonsense to justify apartheid.

  • AchillesAchillesAchilles

    Start thinking instead of merely reacting. Take a good look at that Swastika. It has a very, very pleasing color combination, does it not? Is not the slight upward bend in the lower arm aesthetically pleasing?

    That’s infinitely better than the usual Swastika’s seen by the usual dirt bags, who are vandals both in the criminal sense & in the sense the Romans meant, that of being barbarians. To see what is meant evaluate this torch light Neo-Nazi parade in Bulgaria. Note the animal like noises. More important, remember one should really keep torches held high. This is important for safety reasons. One does not want to set the clothes of the preceding marchers on fire.


  • AchillesAchillesAchilles

    It is entirely possible that SAE is cooperating with law enforcement. They may be looking into the possibility that one of their members did this. That would be an extremely good reason for the President of the SAE to keep his mouth tightly shut.

  • Gerry

    Proofs are by the hundreds, open your eyes, ears

  • Gerry

    @NotThisAgain You assume but in a recent speech, Abbas declared he wanted the Palestinian state to be void of Jewish presence! Info is easy to find.

  • William Devillis

    Mxm123 is not just filled with hate. He’s clueless. After Israel was attacked in 1948 by all its Arab neighbors who would not accept the rights of Jews, it is said that Israel won the war. Yes and no. Israel actually lost 10% of its land as created by the UN, land that had been their homes for thousands of years. In 1967, the same armies attacked again. This time Israel not only got its 10% back but a lot more additional Arab land. In Nov. 1967, the UN did address the “occupied lands” being returned to their Arab neighbors. However, in exchange for the withdrawl of Israeli armed forces from the land occupied as a result of the 1967 war, the Arabs needed to acknowledge the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of Israel (and visa versa) and recognize the right to live in peace within secure borders free of threats and acts of force. Egypt and Jordan have peace agreements and land was returned. In addition, in the 1980s, Israel trained 25,000 Egyptian students ( including someone I work with) on growing food and irrigation systems in desert lands. Israel was and is the expert on that. They removed language in their constitutions calling for Iisraels destruction. Several times over the past 20 years, Israel has made the same commitment to the Palestinians. The response from Arafat, now Abbas and Mashaal has been that they will never change their charters which call for the destruction of Israel and killing of Jews. They insist that all of Israel is occupied because Jews took their land after WWII by making up the hoocaust and never actually lived in the area. The Jews Old Testament mentions Jerusalem hundreds of times, Roman historical documents mention Jews in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas many times and the Koran mentions it a big Zero. So who wants peace and who has lived there for centuries as the center of it’s religious life.

    Human rights?? Just this week a Young Palestinian woman was expelled from a Palestinian university for saying Arafat was not a martyr. In September Hamas killed 37 Gazans in public to make their point. The 37 had the nerve to criticize Hamas for forcing them to remain in their homes when Israel said they would be attacking nearby rocket launchers. Remember the wall Israel built to (successfully) keep out terror attacks from the West Bank. Palestinians in the West Bank complained that it caused undue hardship separating work and home. The Palestinians in the WB sued the Israeli govt in Israel. The result: The Israeli Supreme Court agreed and ordered the Govt to move the wall in a number of areas. Those are Palestinian human rights. Only Israel protects their rights.

    Arafat, and now Abbas and Mashall have said for many years that they will defeat Israel because Jews sanctity life, Palestinians sanctify death.

    Mais Ali Saleh, Palestinian Muslim woman was 2014 Valedictorian at Israels top med school. Ha an Zoabi, Muslim woman and major Hamas sits in the Israeli parliament because she was elected she rants and raves about Israel but she had that gift in a free country where the Muslim vote in the past election was a higher percent than we Americans vote in Presidential elections.

    Gay rights, religiious freedom,, women’s rights, civil rights Israel has it all. The Palestinians don’t believe in any of those rights The PA announced once again that honor killings in the WB doubled each of the past two years where a raped woman is the criminal. Ifa Palestinian woman is raped in Israel, she’s the victim. Gays are executed by the Oalestiniabs because it’s illegal to be gay. Palestinian gays live a relatively normal life in Israels thriving gay community.

    Jews and human rights. In Nepal,, Israel has already set up field hospitals, sent in plane loads of supplies and people who thanks to Palestinian terrorists, are adept at digging people out. Earthquakes and disasters around the world, Israel jumps in to help. They were the largest presence in East Africa , larger than the U.S. to try and help with the Ebola crisis. A large earthquake in Iran several years ago, even with Iran calling for the nuclear destruction of Israel, Israel offered but help was declined. In virtually all disasters where they respond, they spend more to help people in those situations than ALL its oil rich Arab neighbors combined. Even now, Israeli companies are working away in California to help with the water crisis. No body does it better.

    No one wonder with 1.5 billion Muslims vs. 15 million Jews worldwide, the Nobel Prize Count is Muslims 6, Jews 194. Helping mankind and supporting human rights is what we do. Can you say the same. Certainly, all the evidence says no.

  • William Devillis

    First, much of the world doesn’t call it occupied lands. Israel accepted the borders created by the UN in 1948. The Jordanians forced the Jews out of Judea and Samaria. The Arab countries met and voted unanimously that if they recognized the Palestinian’s State, it would in effect mean that they recognized Israel and refused to do so.
    Two years ago, Abbas, on PA TV, was asked about his childhood. He stated that his village was evacuated. Why? Because, the villagers were afraid of a Jewish retaliation for the Hebron massacre (1929) of Jews and because a Jordanian General told the villagers that they needed to clear a path for the Jordanian Army to wipe out Israel. When the war would end, they would get all their land back and the Jewish lands. That’s the same thing King Farouk of Egypt told the Palestinians living along the Egyptian border. The problem is that they attacked and only gained about 10% of Israel’s land. In 1967, they attacked and lost again and Israel took back the 10% and plenty more. In 1973, they attacked and lost again.
    At the same time in the late 1940s, almost 900,000 Jews were FORCED to leave their homes in Arab countries and leave all possessions. The difference is that some of those 900,000 went to Israel, many went to Europe and the US and virtually all found homes. The Palestinians that left on promises from their leaders had nowhere to go. No one wanted to take them in. The many that stayed in Israel in 1948 became citizens with the same rights that all Jews, Christians and Muslims have. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where that exists.
    In 1960, King Hussein of Jordan chided the Arab world for keeping the Palestinians in refugee camps and not trying to normalize their lives.
    In 2005, Israel pulled out ALL Israelis living in settlements in Gaza. They left behind over 300 houses and apartment buildings and almost 300 fully operation greenhouses. The PA response was to destroy it all. Better their people should live in camps than in Jew homes and eat Jew food. Israel had made the same offer to Arafat and than later to Abbas. The settlements are on 3% of PA land (sorry, to correct you, but most Settlements are actually legally built on land that was Israeli by the 1948 resolution creating Israel but taken by the Arabs in 1948). One peace plan called for Israel keeping the 3% of settlements in exchange for same amount of Israeli land that Israel would agree to help develop for the Palestinians. The other two plans called for closing the settlements, forcing the settlers out, a la Gaza in 2005. All the PA and Hamas have been asked to do is agree to remove the section of their Charter calling for the destruction of Israel and killing of Jews and to accept Israel as a Jewish state. They refuse. Hamas has stated they cannot accept any deal that would not allow them to achieve their goal of the total destruction of Israel and making the Middle East a land for Muslims only. Abbas says you can’t have a stated based on a religion. I guess he overlooked Saudi Arabia and some other ME countries where only Islam is allowed.
    If the Palestinians want peace, they need to cut the crap already. The Associated Press reported last week that the billions in aid, the tens of thousands of tons of cement and the tens of thousands of concrete blocks that have come into Gaza since September have virtually all gone to rebuilding tunnels and resupplying their military wing. Virtually none has gone to help the citizens rebuild homes and bring in supplies.
    Palestinian refugee camps have been attacked by Syria over the last two years. Syria cut off electricity two years ago and water over one year ago to some camps resulting in many deaths in those camps. According to news reports on all major news outlets, ISIS beheaded hundreds in the Palestinian’s Yarmouk refugee camp within the past month. the problem is no one cares. No one cares because Jews aren’t causing their deaths and no one cares because the PA and Hamas don’t seem to care.
    As Abba Eban, Israel’s UN Ambassador said over 40 years ago and it still holds today ” The Palestinians never miss a chance to miss a chance”. Both PA’s Abbas and Hamas’ Mashaal have stated that killing Israeli children is legitimate because they might grow up to be Israeli soldiers. As Golda Meir, Israeli premier said over 40 years and it still holds today ” There will be peace when the Palestinians learn to love their children more than they hate ours”.
    I’ll supply the black marker. All Hamas and the PA have to do is XX out some words in their Charter, they’ll get land back and start to let the Palestinians in the WB and Gaza live the successful and productive lives that Palestinians in Israel do.

  • Guest

    One clarification to the above (out of many that could be made), the vast portion of Israel’s international border is shared with two Arab countries (Egypt and Jordan) that currently recognize Israel. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f5/Israel_and_occupied_territories_map.png

  • MtSneffles

    Thank you for your reasonable comments. It’s pretty clear that the only people commenting here are either horrified by the single-minded anti-Israel nonsense, or are furious reactionaries like this right-wing MXM nut job.

    At then end of the day, if we can’t find a way to empathize with both Israelis and Palestinians — and try to protect both groups with the best institutions possible — then where is our humanity?

    Yes, Israeli settlements should end. Yes, Palestinians should have a state of their own to protect their interests. And yes, that state should even be expected to protect its Jewish minority (heavens!). But calling innocent Jews born in Israel “occupiers” goes way too far.

    These are all *PEOPLE*. On both sides. Let’s find a way to protect their rights, even if they’re Jews! No more of this “evil occupier” nonsense. Both sides claim this land. Both sides have been displaced over the centuries. Both sides can blame the other for horrible atrocities in the past. Both sides are still vulnerable to attacks from the other, whether they be indiscriminate rocket attacks against civilians or military assaults against guerrillas in densely populated cities.

    Let’s not get stuck in the same one-sided, simplistic narrow-mindedness that got us into this disaster in the first place. Let’s see some univeral empathy and critical thinking here.

  • Jonathan Poto

    Sheeeeeiitt if all the countries surrounding the US attacked us, and we won, I would hope that we took as much land as possible, regardless of what the UN or some treaty says is fair. At some point though (50 years later or so), these settlements became not about security but about Israel thumbing it’s nose at the rest of the Arab world, and we should tell Israel to cut the shit with these human rights abuses and incursions into sovereign territory. That’s practical. But it looks like for you the only thing resembling practicality is a full on global political revolution towards Progressivism. You might have the moral high ground, but you better be ready for full on bloodshed to see what you want.

    Me? No thanks.

    So yes, the backstory is simple, but still the means of change are complicated.