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District Attorney’s office decides not to file charges against Hoxby


Assistant Santa Clara County District Attorney Brian Welch told SFGate on Dec. 2 that his office would not file charges against economics professor Caroline Hoxby. Welch cited conflicting accounts of events and a lack of serious injuries in making the decision.

Hoxby and her husband, associate English professor Blair Hoxby, were involved in a noise-related incident on Sept. 26. At approximately 11 p.m., the Hoxbys confronted students at Kappa Sigma for making excessive noise. A physical confrontation occurred after Caroline Hoxby allegedly attempted to cut the speaker cords with wire cutters. The Stanford police then arrived and shut down the party.

The Hoxbys, frequent filers of noise complaints according to SUDPS, said through their lawyer that they regretted taking matters into their own hands instead of allowing the police to handle the situation.

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