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Alternative #tweens and ’90s pop culture enthusiasts, rejoice: “Twin Peaks” is coming back! You heard that right: Everyone’s favorite show about Washington state is alive and well. You’ve seen Twin Peaks, right? I mean, any current Stanford student was too young to watch it back in 1990, so most of us probably just watched it on Netflix last year or pretended to have seen it ages ago so that we’d seem cool and trendy; clearly it is Hard 2 Be Hip in these modern times. Hello subversive kids in my high school cafeteria. Yes, “Twin Peaks” is a good television program and I have seen the television program called “Twin Peaks.” Yes, it was very weird but also good and also consumerism is bad. Wear lots of oversized t-shirts. Please note that “Twin Peaks” is endlessly name-droppable if you are trying to increase your social standing around trendy teenagers.

Anyway, Showtime just picked up this “cult classic” for a brand-new season set 25 years in the future, premiering in 2016, directed entirely by David Lynch himself. I hope Log Lady finally gets the screen time she deserves. Keep in mind that this’ll be on Showtime, which is kind of like HBO except you can never actually find it on your TV, and it will also be 2016, so that means lots of potential nudity. I know I can’t wait to see Kyle MacLachlan drinking some Damn Good Coffee™ in HD. “Hello, Diane,” indeed!

Speaking from my own experience, Season One was pretty awesome and weird and genuinely scary yet simultaneously hilarious (???) but I definitely dipped out midway through Season Two. I will use this exciting news as an excuse to be honest about the fact that A) I have never finished “Twin Peaks,” but B) I now have a really good reason to do so. It is unsettlingly watchable television in its most bizarre form. Netflix dot com awaits ye, fair friend.

So get hyped, y’all! The premiere is only 16 months away! Viewing party at BOB? LOL!

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