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Santa Teresa Street parking closes for renovation and parking structure construction


Santa Teresa Street closed earlier today while the area is under construction. (Courtesy of Parking & Transportation Services/Stanford Report)
Santa Teresa Street closed earlier today while the area is under construction.
(Courtesy of Parking & Transportation Services/Stanford Report)

Street parking on Santa Teresa Street, which runs in front of Roble, Lagunita Court and Governor’s Corner, closed for renovation yesterday.

The street — west of Lomita Drive to Campus Drive West — is being renovated, as crews rebuild curbs, restripe the street for bicycles and vehicles and transform some parking spaces into landscaping. The project is expected to take several months.

Removing the parking on Santa Teresa will allow pedestrians and bikers to commute more easily as construction in the area increases, explained Jack Cleary, associate vice president for land, building and real estate, in a Stanford Report article.

A few parking spots will still be available for service vehicles, delivery vehicles, Zipcars, resident fellows and people with disabilities.

More work will also occur on Santa Teresa, including a renovation of Roble Gym and the construction of a new underground parking structure between Roble Gym and the Arrillaga Outdoor Education and Recreation Center. In addition, construction of two new dorms at Lagunita Court is planned.

These new dorms, which are under construction approval by the Stanford University Board of Trustees, are planned to be situated on either side of Lagunita Court, where the parking lots are currently located.

The Roble and Lagunita Court parking lots will be closed on Sept. 22, and the new underground parking structure will provide parking for residents.

For now, the recently opened Searsville parking lot, located at the intersection of Santa Teresa and Campus Drive West, will provide parking for those who usually park on Santa Teresa and in the Roble and Lagunita Court parking lots.


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