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Preparations begin for renovations to MemAud and Cantor Arts Center


Crews have begun preparations to renovate two of Stanford’s most notable buildings: Memorial Auditorium and the Cantor Arts Center. To date, crews have erected scaffolding around both buildings.

Memorial Auditorium, built in 1938, will have its stucco restored and wooden windows repaired. New copper gutters will also be installed. The Cantor Arts Center will have the rotunda roofs and the roof at the front of the museum replaced during the summer. The exterior stucco on one of the wings will also be replaced.

Cantor’s roofing renovations are the final part of a three-phase, multi-year project that also included the restoration of the main lobby’s skylight.

The renovations at Memorial Auditorium are expected to be completed prior to the beginning of the 2014-15 academic year. Scaffolding will not be constructed in front of Memorial Auditorium until after Commencement.

Both buildings will remain open during the renovations.


Andrew Vogeley

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