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Stanford gets go-ahead for new educational farm


DAILY NEWS BRIEF: The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors last week agreed to changes of Stanford’s land permit, allowing the university to designate part of campus for the new O’Donohue Family Stanford Educational Farm.

Located at the corner of Searsville and Fremont roads near the Red Barn, the four-acre farm will serve as both an educational and practical operation for students. In total, 20 acres were rezoned under the agreement between the county and the University.

“Students for more than 12 years have wanted the farm,” said Patrick Archie, director of the Stanford Educational Farm Program in the School of Earth Science, to the Palo Alto Weekly.

The O’Donohue Farm will supplement the one-acre farm currently located near the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, which is small for a University educational space. Opening of the new farm is planned for September 2014 after construction over the summer. Because the land has never been used, it will require soil improvement and irrigation. It should produce its first full harvest in spring 2015.

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