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Fashion Spotlight: No Pants November?


Story time this week — I’ll tell you what my fashion has been up to. Based off the title, you might have guessed: I’m in the middle of a pants protest. Now, I do remember wearing pants about a week ago, so maybe it’s not entirely No Pants November, but wearing pants has definitely been a rarity lately.

For Daily columnist Laynie Stephens, pants were cramping her style. Her solution? No more pants. As shown here, pants-less outfits can be both fashionable and comfy. (CLIFF OWL/The Stanford Daily)
For Daily columnist Laynie Stephens, pants were cramping her style. Her solution? No more pants. As shown here, pants-less outfits can be both fashionable and comfy. (CLIFF OWL/The Stanford Daily)

Why, you might ask? Although I could go on about this for hours, I’ll keep it concise. They’re uncomfortable, restricting and frankly, just plain boring. I got to a point where I felt like every day I was wearing some style of black, slim-leg pants, with a different shirt and maybe different shoes. That is when I realized my style was becoming static. The solution? Eliminate the problem: pants!

I’ll make it clear that I have nothing against pants. However, there are so many more options out there, and we’re going to explore those now.

First, I’ll state the obvious: If you’re not wearing pants, you’re probably wearing shorts, a skirt or a dress. “But it’s almost winter! How can I wear those and survive the oh-so-cold California nights?” I’m only partially kidding here; I do think it gets cold in the mornings and nights, and the usual California attire isn’t warm enough. The single most important article of clothing you need to solve this problem: tights.

I currently couldn’t be more in love with tights. They’re comfortable and basically leg hugs for the entire day whenever you wear them. Could it get any better? Yes, it could. Besides the functionality of wearing them to stay warm, they have the added bonus of instantly making your outfit look more put together. They’re just that little extra something that shows you put a little effort into your look of the day.

The options are endless when it comes to tights — there are sheer ones, opaque ones, patterned ones and even colored ones. My current favorites are opaque black ones, but maybe that’s just because I’m in a black clothing phase. Regardless, I definitely recommend investing in colored tights as well, because they’re a fun way to accentuate any outfit. Not sure where to find your desired color of tights? Go to Target — I’ve seen almost any color imaginable there.

Complete your winter-styled outfit with a bulky cardigan and scarf — and talk about being fashionable. Just remember, ladies: The fact that you put on a scarf doesn’t magically make your outfit fashionable — in the same way that just putting on any one article of clothing doesn’t make an outfit. The act of putting together an outfit by combining different articles and elements of clothing is what makes you in the running for the most stylish of us all.

Let’s review: Pants are great, but they get old fast. Basically, it’s much harder to have a diverse style when you’re wearing some form of jeans with those same old sneakers and same old t-shirt every day (looking at you, stereotypical Stanford student). On the other hand, think about wearing a dress one day, shorts another and a skirt yet another — all with a different pair of tights, scarf and outerwear. The potential outfits hiding in your closet just quadrupled — thank me later once people stop calling you an outfit repeater, arguably the harshest insult of them all.

Weekly challenge: Does anyone want to join me in No Pants November? Alternatively, just take this as a challenge to think about what you’re wearing every day, and try to diversify your wardrobe!

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