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Food inspection violations at campus eateries

The linked spreadsheet is a compilation of food violations at on-campus eateries. The data was compiled from the Santa Clara County Food Inspections Search Engine (http://sccinspections.org/onlineinsp/) and reflects the most recently available information as of Jan. 8.

The Department of Environmental Health qualifies violations as major, normal or minor depending upon the severity of the infraction. The same type of infraction can be recognized in more than one of those categories.

**Arrillaga Family Dining Commons does not appear because no food inspection report could be found for the establishment in the database.


The campus houses with the fewest food violations.
(LAUREN WILSON/The Stanford Daily)

The campus houses with the most food violations.
(LAUREN WILSON/The Stanford Daily)

Food violations at cafes on campus.
(LAUREN WILSON/The Stanford Daily)









Food violations at dining halls on campus.**
(LAUREN WILSON/The Stanford Daily)

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    I’m glad Wilbur’s frequently dirty plates/cups/utensils is finally getting attention. It’s offen difficult to find clean plates and utensils in spite of the large number they have set out. It’s only a matter of time before this would have directly contributed to the spreading of some sort of GI virus like at other universities.