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Live Blog: #13 Stanford vs. #2 Oregon


5:14 PM: Here we go, in Hogan’s first road start

5:15 PM: It’s 3rd and 4 and this place is absurdly loud

5:15 PM: Hogan is sacked and the Card will punt

5:20: Good effort by the Card D and the Card has the ball at the 30 after a Ducks punt

5:16 PM: The rain in Eugene has stopped and the Card will have to play top-notch defense to win this one. Here they go…

5:17: Gain of 6–the Card can’t allow such large gains if they will win this one.

5:18: Loss of 4 on a rushing play–2nd and 14 for Oregon good work by the Stanford D

5:23: Hogan hands to Taylor, loss of 2 for Stanford

5:24: Hogan complete to Ertz for 7, 3rd & 5….

5:25: Hogan complete to Terrell for 12 yards, 1st down Stanford

5:26: Taylor looks good tonight. He’ll be the key if Stanf0rd wins…

5:26: The stadium is incredibly loud, as expected. We’ll watch Hogan, in his first career road start, all night to see how he deals with it

5:27: Taylor f0r 5 sets up a big 3rd down. So loud here

5:28: Hogan has a nice 14-yard run as no one was open, but it brings up 4th-and-5

5:29: Stanford pins Oregon at the 6 after a punt

5:30: Here comes the Duck offense: if the Card is to win today, it will be key to shut down the fast-scoring Oregon O

5:31: Run turns big down to the Stanford 15–these are the kind of plays that will win the game for the Ducks

5:33: This goal-line series is huge

5:34: Stanford takes over at the 7 after a HUGE goal-line stand

5:37: No Luck so far on offense for Stanford…

5:38: Woah-oh-oh first down, Stanford

5:38: BIG pass by Hogan to the Card 42, first down!

5:39: Stanford is D-R-I-V-I-N-G!

5:40: Hogan looks way better than someone in his first career road start. First down to Ryan Hewitt

5:41: Taylor keeps slowly gashing the banged-up Oregon defense. If this continues, it will be great for the Stanford O

5:42: Forced throw by Hogan, incomplete into triple coverage

5:43: Hogan escapes masterfully and completes to Hewitt for 8 yards and a first down. End of the first-quarter, 0-0.

5:49: Taylor carries to the 1-yard line. Follow us @Stanford_Daily for even faster updates.

5:50: We know we aren’t supposed to cheer in the press box, but TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. 15-play, 93-yard drive, Stanford leads 7-0.

5:53: Stanford has clearly had a lot of pratice

5:56: Stanford D playing well, but capable of playing better

5:57: Huge 3rd down here…

6:01: After a big Stanford stop, Taylor, Hogan and the Stanford offense have a long field ahead

6:03: Stanford punts to the Oregon 10, what a long, great kick

6:06: Stanford D has played well but needs to keep doing so if it has a shot here today

6:07: Oregon with a nice run up the middle for a first down

6:09: And Stanford stuffs Oregon on 3rd down, 4th and 4 for the Ducks

6:12: Hogan hit hard on 2nd down. The Card needs to protect him better.

6:13: Pass complete to Drew Terrell, who is hit hard and tackled before the first down marker. Now refs calling holding on the D, so first down, Stanford.

6:14: Honestly not sure if that was holding, but first down Stanford. Crowd here at Oregon voicing their displeasure.

6:15: Taylor stopped after a yard. Another big conversion attempt coming up…

6:16: Hogan misses low on that attempt. Pretty good play call–Oregon takes over on its own 41

6:18: Touchdown, Oregon

6:19: After a weird muddle to fake the 2-point conversion, the kick is good and we’re all tied at 7-7.

6:21: After a holding call, Stanford will take over from the 9

6:22: Pretty good play calls thus far by Shaw and Stanford but poor execution by Hogan & co.

6:23: Hogan carries short of the first down, 4th down Stanford. Oregon calls a timeout

6:24 Stanford with a booming 58 yard punt, Oregon ball

6:26: Barner grabs a couple of yards but we expected him to have at least one score by now

6:32: Apologies for the delay: After an Oregon pick, Stanford’s Tarpley picked off Oregon and we head to the half at 7-7

6:55: Back up and running here in the second half, Oregon with the ball on its own 15. Mariota is very, very fast.

6: 57: We will have to wait and see what adjustments the Ducks offense makes after Stanford was pretty stout in the first half. Allowed 231 yards but just 7 points and stopped them on fourth down multiple times.

6:58: Alex Carter with a big tackle and Oregon forced to punt. Terrell fumbles the punt, but the replay looks like he might have been down. Under review

7:00: Crowd here at Autzen hates it, but ruling overturned. First down for Stanford at its own 30.

7:03: Ducks fans are very nervous, haven’t been in this situation this season really. Stanford not being all that agressive with its play calling though. Toilolo stopped short of a first down, and Card will punt again.

7:06: Punter Daniel Zychlinski is fired up on the Cardinal sidelines, pinned the Ducks at the 5 yard line with that effort.

7:07: Oregon picking up its tempo, if that’s possible. Snapping the ball after about six seconds run off the play clock.

7:08: Trent Murphy had an interception and maybe a touchdown in his hands but couldn’t hang on. Big third down and long upcoming for Oregon.

7:09: Mariota converts with a nice pass on the outside. Snaps the ball about three seconds after the clock is wound.

7:10: Ducks’ wide receiver flagged for a 15-yard penalty. Chip Kelly incensed.

7:11: Pandemonium on the field as the referees having all sorts of trouble with the down and distance. #Replacementrefs?

7:14: Stanford is tackling well at the moment, but blows coverage on Colt Lyerla and Ducks all the way down to the 25.

7:15: It’s hard to explain how fast this Oregon team plays on offense. They are snapping the ball with 27 seconds left on the play clock. Second and goal from the Stanford 6.

7:16: Mariota hands to DeAnthony Thomas and he makes Tarpley miss on his way to the go-ahead score. Oregon up 14-7 with 6:35 to play in the third quarter. That drive was 95 yards on 16 plays, taking 3:20 seconds.

7:20: Cardinal needs a score on this drive on else it could get ugly quickly. Taking over from the 27. Hogan screen on the outside to Kelsey Young. Another fumble, waiting on the replay. Definitely out, Ducks take over. Trouble for Stanford

7:22: Huge third down and 15 for Oregon coming up and Barner doesn’t get there. Decision time for Chip Kelly. Field goal unit coming on for 41 yard attempt. Just missed to the right

7:23: Perhaps this is the break Stanford needs. Oregon still up 7 but plenty of time to go here at Autzen. Rain has stopped completely and its chilly but not frigid. Let’s see what Hogan and company can do.

7:27: Just got word from the field that Stanford’s defense is trying to adjust to Oregon’s speed. Three and out from the offense won’t help much. Throw by Hogan on third down was a little behind Ertz.

7:28: Booming punt from Zychlinski, puts the Ducks inside their own 20 and a personal foul on Oregon sets the ball inside the 10 for Mariota.

7:30: Good containment by Brown and Richards on two consecutive outside screens. Third down play from Brown is lucky not to be pass interference, Oregon punts right back.

7:36 3rd&7 here…

7:36: Taylor with a big run but he coughs up the ball and its first down Oregon

7:38: End of the 3rd quarter, Oregon 14-Stanford 7. Ducks have the ball on their own 25

7:42: If Stanford loses today (IF) it still has a shot at the Rose Bowl, as Kansas St. is losing to Baylor today. Should Oregon-ND face off in the ‘Ship, the Rose Bowl could select Stanford. That being said, it is a long shot

7:46: If Stanford can score on this drive, what a ball game we’ll have. If not…

7:48: Hogan playing pretty exceptionally well, all things considered. 1st down Stanford

7:49: Big conversion here, third down…

7:50: And 0 yards gained on the dive. Fourth and 3 from the Oregon 26, here comes Williamson for the kick…

7:53 Williamson misses (3 of 7 beyond 40 yards) and some very questionable calls by Shaw on that drive. Stanford needs to step up right now if it’s going to win this game

7:54: Wow, what a defense Stanford has. Incredible stand. How many chances can the Stanford D (and Oregon) give the Card…

7:58: First down Stanford from its own 22

8:00: Hogan plays ugly, but makes it happen. First down, Stanford

8:00: Wow. How did that happen? Hogan complete to Ertz for 12 yards. Looked like Hogan would surely be sacked

8:02: After a big completion by Hogan, Stanford is knocking on the door here

8:05: Great completion to Ertz for 10 yards right after Hogan was nearly picked off. Now it’s 4th and 1 Stanford…

8:08: Follow us on Twitter @Stanford_Daily for quicker updates. BUT: Hewitt picks up the clutch first down and Hogan throws to the end zone for Ertz. Looks complete, ruled incomplete, being reviewed

8:12: The ruling is overturned! Touchdown, Stanford! 14-14 with 1:35 to go

8:15: Oregon will start with the ball on the 22, 90 seconds left

8:16: 3rd and 10. Big play right now

8:17: Flag on the dropped pass…

8:18: Pass interference called on the defense on a 3rd and 10 incompletion. Objectively a terrible call. Watch the replay

8:19: Stanford D still standing tall. 3rd and 9 for Oregon

8:20: Deep pass incomplete, no flag there

8:21: Stanford has beat Arizona and lost to Notre Dame in OT this year. 36 seconds to go, Stanford ball at the 20

8:23: Ball on the Stanford 10 now after a holding call. You have to think they’ll just kneel it here

8:28: Overtime and Oregon starts with the ball. How many more stops does this Stanford D have in it?

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