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Arrillaga to participate in Menlo Park development


Philanthropist John Arrillaga ‘60 is reportedly working on building concepts for Stanford-owned lots in Menlo Park.

Arrillaga is “working on some concepts for these sites that are consistent with the [Menlo Park] Specific Plan; however, they are not yet ready for possible application to Menlo Park or for public release until an application is filed,” Jean McCown, Stanford director of community relations, said to Palo Alto Online.

The five lots, previously automobile dealerships, run along El Camino Real on the boundary of a Menlo Park downtown renovation project called the Specific Plan.

Though city sources confirmed the philanthropist’s interest in the future of the lots, further details have not been revealed.

“It is my understanding that this project will continue to be refined,” Menlo Park Mayor Kirsten Keith told Palo Alto Online. “It would be premature for me to comment on it at this time.”

Arrillaga has a history of development projects in Menlo Park, including a $15 million dollar donation the past four years for construction of a new gymnasium, gymnastics center and renovated recreation center.

Ileana Najarro

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