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Top 5 FMOTQ quotes from the last decade



“There’s crazy people, and there’s conservative people,” said Amy Dao ’12. “If there’s a guy who’s sick, we’re not kissing him. Come on. Midterms!”’ (“Full Moon gently rises on Quad,” Oct. 15)


“You can’t stop freshmen from drinking anymore than you can stop the moon from getting full,” said senior Rebecca Dowell ’04. [In response to concerns and threats from Stanford administrators to shut down future festivities after four alcohol-related hospitalizations, one arrest for public drunkenness and one arrest for driving under the influence from FMOTQ that year.] (“Full Moon’s future cloudy,” Oct. 13)


“I’m disappointed of this mono-getting fest,” said Kate Thomas ’11. “I heard that it used to be chivalrous and sweet, where the freshmen would get a kiss by a senior on the cheek and a rose. Now it’s just some wild orgy.” (“Full Moon rising,” Oct. 25)


“I’ve had mono already, so I’m inoculated,” said freshman Ben, claiming that he had already locked lips with 35 lucky ladies. “I’m not from California, so this is a new thing [to me] and I wanted to take [part in it].” (“Full Mooners kiss & tell,” Oct. 10)


Derek Webster [MBA ’08] had already kissed 10 girls before midnight, and said that 30 was his “sweet spot.” “Freshman girls are wonderful,” Webster said. “I feel like I’m young again.” (“Mayhem upstaged by shows,” Oct. 9)

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