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Live Blog: Stanford 20, San Jose State 17


We’ll be updating this page throughout the game with plays and instant analysis. Please refresh the page for the most recent updates, and follow us on twitter @StanfordSports for updates. All times are Pacific.

7:03 PM: Stanford rushes out of the tunnel. The team looks fired up, but the stadium is, at most, 30% full. A decent student showing, though, considering classes don’t start for over three weeks and most students don’t have on-campus housing, yet.

7:05 PM: San Jose State has taken the field to a small, but not inconsequential cheer from their fan section.

7:05 PM: Stanford has won the toss and elects to receive.

7:07 PM: Anthony Wilkerson is back to receive the kickoff for Stanford. Here we go…

7:07 PM: Alex Carter returns the kickoff to the 19 yard line. Josh Nunes gets a nice cheer from the crowd as he takes the field.

7:10 PM: And, again, Nunes to Montgomery for 10 yards. This duo looks accurate and well-timed, so far.

7:08 PM:  Taylor gains 2 yards on the carry.

7:09 PM: Nunes completes to Montgomery for a first down. Stanford at its own 30.

7:11 PM: Taylor carries for 3 yards, then carries again for 38 yards.

7:12 PM: Nunes’ pass incomplete to Zach Ertz in the end zone. 3rd and 3 coming up

7:12 PM: Handoff to Taylor on 3rd down, tackled short of the first down marker. 4th and less than one coming up from the 10 for Stanford and they’re going for it.

7:13 PM: First down, Stanford.

7:14 PM: Bold call by Shaw, there, going for the first rather than the chip field goal.

7:14 PM: Taylor carries on 2nd and goal to the 2 yard line.

7:15 PM: Taylor tries to dive in but is turned away. 4th and goal from inside the one.

7:16 PM: Timeout, Stanford. The Cardinal let the play clock get way too low, there, and was risking a delay of game penalty.

7:19 PM: Taylor punches it in on fourth and goal. Stanford Touchdown!

7:20 PM: Williamson drills the PAT and it’s 7-0 Stanford. Stepfan Taylor had 9 carries for 61 yards on that opening drive. Get used to that this year. The stadium has filled out to a rough 60% capacity.

7:22 PM: SJ State will start its drive from the 10 after a weak return.

7:22 PM: Gain of 3 on first down, tackled by Barry Browning.

7:23 PM: After an incomplete pass on 2nd, it’s 3rd-and-7 for SJ State.

7:23 PM: Open field tackle by Barry Browning results in a 2-yard loss for SJ State. Punt upcoming.

7:24 PM: As expected, Stanford has been dominant so far. Heavy dose of the running game and solid all-around play.

7:27 PM:  Pass complete Nunes to Montgomery for 7 yards.

7:28: Gain of 11, first down Cardinal.

7:29 PM: Nunes throws out of the shotgun, complete to Montgomery for 6 yards. Flag on the play.

7:29 PM:  Flag is a facemask. Automatic first down for Stanford. The Cardinal is now at the 12-yard line.

7:30 PM: Great throw by Nunes to the end zone to Drew Terrell for an 11-yard touchdown. Only the second career receiving TD for Terrell.

7:31 PM: Williamson PAT is good, again. Stanford up 14-0. Nunes is 5/6 for 46 yards and 1 TD. Exactly what this team needed to start the season.

7:34 PM: Williamson kicks deep into the endzone, touchback. If you were expecting any issues after the Fiesta Bowl, think again. Williamson has looked excellent this game.

7:35 PM: Pass complete to Otten for an 11-yard gain.

7:36 PM: Loss of 3 for the Spartans on a pitch.

7:37 PM: Pass complete to Nunn. 3rd and 4 for the Spartans.

7:37 PM: False start, San Jose State. Now 3rd and 9. Huge difference. These are the mistakes the Spartans can’t make if they have any chance.

7:38 PM:  Gain of 10 on the play as Fales scrambled and completed a pass. First down, San Jose State.

7:40 PM: The Cardinal defense looks hungry. Hammering Spartan players and flying to the ball.

7:40 PM: 4-yard gain by Kyle Nun on 3rd and 10, brings up 4th down for San Jose State, which is in punt formation.

7:41 PM: Wilkerson runs out of the Wildcat on a direct snap for a 7-yard gain on Stanford’s 1st down. That’s the end of the first quarter.

7:45 PM: Taylor tackled for a 2-yard loss on 2nd down. 3rd and 5 from its own 17 for Stanford.

7:47 PM: Nunes’ 3rd down pass is tipped at the line and nearly intercepted. 4th down Stanford.

7:47 PM: Cardinal hit with a delay of game penalty. Stanford used a timeout earlier to avoid a delay of game.

7:49 PM: Deep pass to an open Jabari Carr for the Spartans and Carr just dropped it. No relation to NFL burnout David Carr, but that play makes you wonder…

7:50 PM: Whacky play. Pass nearly intercepted, then completed by the Spartans to TE Ryan Otten for 20 yards, then appeared to fumble, but ruled down. First down, Spartans on the Stanford 44.

7:51 PM: San Jose State runs a reverse to the 24 yard line. 1st and 10.

7:52 PM: Pass complete to Carr, tackled for a loss of 2.

7:52 PM: 3rd and 5 for the Spartans after a Tarpley tackle.

7:55 PM: This next play is huge for the Spartans. 3rd and 5 from the Stanford 19 down 14-0 in the 2nd quarter.

7:56 PM: Fumbled ball there, recovered by San Jose State. 4th down.

7:57 PM: 38-yard field goal is good by Spartan kicker Austin Lopez. Stanford leads 14-3. Squandered opportunity by the Spartans.

7:59 PM: Carter fumbles the kickoff return for Stanford, but recovers before being tackled at the 15 yard line.

8:00 PM: Taylor rumbles to a first down. Gain of 13 on the run.

8:00 PM: Reverse to Patterson for a first down for Stanford.

8:02 PM: Gain of 1 yard on the dive on 3rd and 1 for the Cardinal. Drive continues, 1st down, Stanford.

8:03 PM: Deep pass incomplete, but pass interference called by SJ State. Pass intended for Zach Ertz, but the pass did not look too good. Cardinal now at the Spartan 33 yard line.

8:04 PM: Fumble on the snap, recovered by Nunes. Loss of 2.

8:05 PM: Timeout, SJ State. Stanford now has over 100 yards total rushing midway through the 2nd quarter.

8:07 PM: Nunes throws out of an empty backfield. Complete to Taylor, who is smothered and tackled for a loss of 2. Stanford at the 35.

8:09 PM: Stanford puts from the 35 on 4th down. Spartans will start their drive from the 8.

8:10 PM: Spartans complete pass to Carr for a first down.

8:11 PM: Pass complete to Grigsby. 2nd and 4 for SJ State.

8:13 M: Spartan QB had time to open a lemonade stand in the backfield there. Scrambles and complets a pass. No rush whatsoever.

8:13 PM: Amanam sacks SJ State QB for a loss of 6. 3rd and 14 for the Spartans now.

8:14 PM: SJ State hit with a delay of game. Now 3rd and 19. Foot, bullet.

8:15 PM: Spartans complete for 8 yards, will short of the first. Stanford calls a timeout, its 2nd charged timeout, with 1:37 left in the half.

8:16 PM: Terrell returns the Spartans punt to the Cardinal 31. 49 yard punt with a 17 yard return.

8:19 PM: Nunes complete to Taylor. Out of bounds at the Spartan 45. 2nd and 5 Cardinal. Hurry up offense is difficult on bloggers…

8:21 PM: Ertz makes 2 nice grabs in a row before an incompletion by Nunes. 3rd and 8 now for the Cardinal.

8:22 PM: Draw to Taylor on 3rd and 8. Shaw lets the clock run down to 2 seconds before calling a timeout, setting up for a field goal attempt from the 29-yard line. 46 yard attempt for Jordan Williamson…

8:23 PM: Jordan Williamson drills the 46 yard attempt, a career high. Stanford leads 17-3 at the half.

8:26 PM: First half numbers: Taylor 14 carries for 87 yards 1 TD, Nunes 12-16 83 yards 1 TD, Montgomery 4 catches 85 yards.

8:43 PM: We’re back for the second half (two turkey sandwiches deep, things are getting crazy up here in the press box). Stanford should pull away in the 3rd quarter here, though they’ll have to stop San Jose State first, as they receive at the start of the half.

8:45 PM: Urban returns the kickoff from the goal line to the 22 yard line.

8:46 PM: 5 yard gain for the Spartans followed by a quick dive brings up 3rd and 3 for SJ State.

8:47 PM: Spartan QB Fales stands strong in the face of pressure and completes the long first down pass.

8:47 PM: Pass complete to Grigsby down the sideline for 21 yards. Spartans are now driving…

8:49 PM: Fales’ pass nearly picked off by Murphy. 3rd and 7 now.

8:49 PM: Pass down the near sideline complete. Spartans have 1st and goal from the Stanford 7.

8:50 PM: Spartans run it in from the 3 and make the PAT, cutting the Cardinal lead to 17-10. Overall yards are now just 201-185 in favor of Stanford. Spartans are back in the game.

8:53 PM: Not to get ahead of ourselves, as Stanford still leads and it’s early in the 3rd, but a loss here would be absolutely crushing to Stanford. Since the first three possessions, SJ State has outscored Stanford 10-3.

8:54 PM: Nunes and the offense take the field, starting their drive from the 21.

8:55 PM: Nunes complete to Montgomery for 14 yards and a first down. Get used to this Stanford offense: running and Montgomery and more running.

8:56 PM: Wilkerson again on the direct snap from the Wildcat, picks up 4 yards. 3rd and 1 for the Cardinal.

8:58 PM: The Spartans make a huge stop on 3rd and 1 and Stanford punts. This upcoming drive is big for both teams.

9:00 PM: Spartan QB Fales scrambles for a long time before turning it up field, gaining 8 yards.

9:03 PM: Fales pass downfield is nowhere near the intended receiver.

9:04 PM: 3rd and 7 coming for the Spartans and the Cardinal fans are finally making some noise.

9:05 PM: Pass complete to Carr for 9 yards. First down, Spartans.

9:05 PM: 6-yard pass completion for the Spartans, out to their own 49-yard line.

9;07 PM: Stanford defense does not look good. SJ State is driving on them on consecutive drives. Picture USC in two weeks. Oregon later…

9:08 PM: Houston, we have a coverage problem.

9:09 PM: San Jose State completes a 21-yard TD pass and completes the PAT, tying the game at 17 all in the 3rd quarter. Stanford fans are dead silent.

9:14 PM: Stanford calls a timeout, trying to get things together.

9:15 PM: Nunes’ pass knocked down at the line, bringing up 2nd and 10.

9:17 PM: Nunes smacked in the pocket, somehow bounces off a lineman and throws it away. 4th down now, punt ensuing.

9:18 PM: 3rd and 12 for the Spartans after the punt and they cough up the football. Recovered by Stanford and that could be the momentum-shifter the Card need.

9:20 PM: Great catch by Toilolo for a 1st down. End of the 3rd quarter, tied at 17 all.

9:24 PM: Taylor carries up the middle for 5 yards. 2nd and 5 from the 20 yard line. It doesn’t look like Shaw has changed his game plan at all.

9:25 PM: Nunes throws into double coverage to Toilolo in the end zone. Pass is broken up.

9:26 PM: 3rd and goal now from the 3 yard line. Stanford needs a TD, not a FG.

9:27 PM: 3rd down pass sails past Ertz’s outstretched hands. Williamson FG is good. Stanford 20-17.

9:30 PM:  Stanford kickoff sails out of bounds. Spartans will start their drive at the 40.

9:32 PM: Amanam sacks Fales for an 11 yard loss. Big play.

9:36 PM: Stanford playing with a 3 man front, still manages to get pressure on the QB. Screen pass never developed.

9:37 PM: Fales is brought down by Ben Gardner & Chase Thomas. Punt time.

9:38 PM: Stanford was lucky on that play. Pass intended for Kelsey Young was way behind him, but refs throw a pass interference flag.

9:40 PM: Shaw really getting creative here with the play calling. Run left, run right, run left.

9:42 PM: Stanford runs hard up the middle from a bunched formation. 1st down at the SJSU 26 yard line.

9:45 PM: Stanford is challenging the ruling on the field.

9:48 PM: Ruling on the field stands, Cardinal is charged with a timeout. Best case scenario, Stanford would have won and gained 4 yards…

9:49 PM: Stanford is now at the 19 yard line after a holding call on the Spartans and a stop in the backfield on Taylor. 3rd and 5 coming up.

9:52 PM: 3rd down pass to Ertz ruled incomplete, but now being reviewed by the booth. It looks from the press box replays like an incredible catch by Ertz. One hand brings it in and it seems like he secures it before hitting the ground, but tough to tell. Is there enough evidence to overturn?

9:53 PM: Yes, there is. Pass is ruled a catch. Now 4th and 1 from the Spartan 11.

9:55 PM: Lancaster makes a nice stop for the Cardinal while Chase Thomas absolutely demolishes a Spartan player who appeared to have the ball on an end-around.

10:00 PM: Drew Terrell calls for a fair catch on the punt. Stanford will get ball back on its own 39.

10:02 PM: Nunes’ pass incomplete, 2nd and 10 coming up.

10:04 PM: On 3rd and 8, Montgomery lets a perfect pass from Nunes go right through his hands.

10: 06 PM: Third and 12 with 3:35 left in the game. Big down for Cardinal defense.

10:07 PM: Stanford forces Spartans to punt. Will try to run down the clock this time, after being unsuccessful on its previous attempt.

10:09 PM: Cardinal can put the game away for good with a successful third down conversion here.

10:11 PM: Last chance for San Jose State to drive down the field. 2:21 left in the game.

10:13 PM: Third and 11. Previous play under review. Initial ruling on the field was incomplete.

10:15 PM: Pass ruled a completion. 3rd and 5 on the San Jose State 35.

10:16  PM: 4th down and 5. Last chance for Spartans.

10:16 PM: Costly false start penalty for San Jose State. 4th and 10 on their on 30.

10:18 PM: PICKED OFF. Safety Ed Reynolds comes up big, Stanford kneeling to run down the clock now.

10:19 PM: Final score is Stanford 20, San Jose State 17

Billy Gallagher is a senior staff writer at The Stanford Daily. He has previously worked at The Daily as editor in chief, a managing editor of news, news desk editor, sports desk editor and staff development editor. He is a junior from Villanova, PA majoring in Economics. He is also a writer for TechCrunch.