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Starbucks comes to Tresidder (PHOTOS)

  • SarahConnor

    Too bad Stanford could not have hired a local coffee company to come into Tresidder like the one near the Green Library instead of a big very expensive coffee corp.

  • gschlesinger

    This is the worst. 

  • Fizz Buzz

    I really liked the old place, there was just a bunch of couches and a lot of tables and it was a great place to just chill… now they had to replace it with a freakin’ Starbucks. Pity.

  • Lakecruiser

    Best thing ever! finally a great coffee!

  • stanford admins do it again

    obviously we didnt have enough coffee places on campus…

  • really?

    this really shouldnt be called Tresidder STUDENT Union if students dont decide what happens there…

  • james

    should’ve been a philz

  • ohtwelve


  • Lurv.

    Late to Class. Latte to Class. Leggoooo. 

  • Java Chip

    This made my day. I didn’t even know this was happening, what joyous news!

  • Alessandro Volta

    Hopefully this will replace Peet’s Sludge Factory and we can put something else over there. Replace Fraiche with a Pinkberry and we’re all set.

  • Sam

    Philz would have been awesome, but Starbucks has more options for ordering than Philz. Our visitors (prospective freshmen, tourists, visiting faculty, sports recruits) will probably be more appreciative of the familiarity of Starbucks in addition to the vast variety of options of drinks & snacks the chain provides. I am very into supporting local coffee shops when I can, but I think Starbucks is the most appropriate coffee place for us to establish in the student union.

  • thatgirl0303

    Coupa Cafe is actually based in Argentina and has so far colonized in Palo Alto/Stanford and Beverly Hills.

  • thatgirl0303

    From the picture, it doesn’t look like this is happening in the CoHo. I think it’s out in the main Tresidder food court.

  • Mimi

    Starbucks stinks. Literally. I can’t stand the way it smells. Now I’m going to have to avoid this part of Tressider.

  • SarahConnor

    I should not have assumed Coupa Cafe was local. It is too bad that any local coffee place couldn’t have been put in there or even a student run coffee shop instead of a Starbucks.

  • Jeff

    Why does everyone hate on Starbucks? Are y’all just anti-corporate coffee or something? Just wait. You too will be standing in line at the corner Starbucks when you are consulting/I-banking… 

  • J-anon

    I am not proud to be at a university which would take the McDonalds of coffee over a local chain. I am especially disappointed that the administration embarked on this take-over in secret, without consulting the community. The area was already boarded off with construction underway when the Daily reported it would become a Starbucks… with the Office of Student Affairs and Residential Dining and Enterprise “declin[ing] to confirm or comment.”

  • yes really

    The heads at R&DE were actually responding to student requests when they sought out a Starbucks to bring to campus.