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Palo Alto’s Got Sol


I liked Palo Alto Sol before Mark Zuckerberg did… or at least before last Friday’s New York Times reported that he did.  According to the Times article, Palo Alto Sol was one of the restaurants chosen to cater his wedding to Priscilla Chan on May 19.


Palo Alto Sol, located on California Avenue, offers diners a wide selection of unique dishes from Puebla, Mexico.  Upon entering Sol, one immediately feels transported to another world or at least to a lively fiesta. While it’s often difficult to get a table, diners will find that Sol is worth the wait – especially since the wait often includes chips, salsas and perhaps a margarita at the bar.


After being welcomed by the friendly servers, whether waiting at the bar or seated at my table, I am always pleased with the aforementioned tortilla chips.  The chips are served with three salsas – one mild, one smoky and one zesty.  The fresh guacamole, also a personal favorite, provides a mild respite from the fiery yet addictive salsas.


The Sopa Azteca, one of their specialties, is a massive bowl of tortilla soup, loaded with avocado, tomatoes, tortilla strips, cilantro, cheese and chicken.  Sopa Azteca is the ultimate comfort food; while I won’t claim that it’s a bottomless bowl, a la Olive Garden, it is a rather hefty and potentially shareable portion.


During my most recent visit, what impressed me most was the section of Sol’s dinner menu devoted sole-ly, (pun-intended) to Enchiladas.  I tried the Chipotle Cheese Enchiladas, which were drenched in a smoky and complex sauce.  Other popular items include burritos, fajitas, and various combination platters.


After a satisfying dinner at Sol, it’s easy to see why the Facebook billionaire chose this restaurant to cater his wedding.  It’s that good.

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