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Stanford Wish List


Listen, I just spent an entire weekend with a fake smile plastered on my face for the ProFros, pretending that everything here is perfect when I was actually trying to start and finish a p-set in two hours. I know I wasn’t the only one conning the Class of ‘16; I saw a group of girls tanning in the Oval, casually laying on a Stanford flag instead of an actual towel (?!) with Cardinal-colored bikinis on (?!?!), as if this is something that happens in real life. So my reality check on Sunday when I stood in the line at Coupa to spend my 21st dollar on coffee in three days was not the happiest. Stanford is incredible, don’t get me wrong, but there are a couple things that some of us might like to see to make campus life a little easier.

Coffee with meal plan dollars

Let’s return to the scene of the crime – the Coupa Café line. The problem is not that there isn’t good coffee on campus – a Tiger Spice chai with a shot of espresso may or may not be one of the best drinks of all time – but that there are very few options for which one can simply swipe his or her SUID and actually use those $5,279 we pay every year for meals. Combine this with the fact that all the coffee houses that take real money are strategically located next to prime study/class areas, and many Stanford students find themselves dishing out hundreds a quarter trying to keep themselves awake. And Peet’s – we love you but what is with your hours?

Golf carts for all

Here’s a common scenario:

“Want to go out tonight? I hear KA is having something!”

“But KA’s so far…”

“Ugh, I know. There’s no way I’m walking all the way over there in this skirt; it’s way too cold. Maybe we should just call 5-SURE?”

Ten minutes later…

“The wait is an hour. Awesome.”

Or maybe this scene describes you more accurately: You stayed up until 3 a.m. working and thus hit snooze as many times as possible on your alarm the next morning, only to realize you have five minutes to get to a class that’s an eight-minute bike ride away.

Techies living on East campus or athletes traveling to the fields all the way from the lower Row understand the pain of having to bike a couple miles (which may or may not obnoxiously be on a slight incline) to get to almost all your daily activities. And while the brief bursts of exercise are great, Stanford is way too large when you’re in a hurry. Carting gets you there in half the time, and you don’t have to battle the elements on the way (which are admittedly few and far between, but still). Obviously, it’s not feasible for everyone to have a cart, but a girl can dream, right?

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