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Letter to the editor: Finding Flora


To the Editor:

For several years our Stanford neighborhood had a faithful companion Flora, the Roman goddess of spring. She guided visitors to our campus home at 511 Gerona Rd. Flora was a solid member of our community greeting people who met her on their walks or while jogging.

(Courtesy of Brian Wandell)

Alas, at the beginning of the winter break (2011-2012), Flora wandered off. We are hoping that someone might have spotted her at some nearby location. Perhaps she went off in search of a livelier venue, and we fear that her wanderings might have brought her to a place where she experiences some of the less admirable – or at least less serene – aspects of campus life.

If you happen to know her whereabouts, we would be very grateful if you help her make a safe return to her perch. The members of our neighborhood and our family will be very grateful to have her back. We are sure she benefitted from some new experiences, but in the end there is no place like home.


Brian A. Wandell

Stein Family Professor

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