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Top 5: Pop Culture Costumes


In between midterms, papers, p-sets and whatever else, Intermission totally understands if you haven’t gotten around to putting your Halloween costume together yet. That’s why we’re here with our handy-dandy list of pop culture-inspired costumes we think you should consider. Hear that knocking? It’s the zeitgeist–embrace it! Three cheers for cultural relevancy!

Pregnant Beyoncé

The “Single Ladies” diva was accused of faking her pregnancy after a viral clip surfaced of her baby bump squishing weirdly as she sat down on an Aussie TV show. You too can emulate the “Bootylicious” baby mama with your own enormous, bedazzled belly; hip-hop super baby not included.

Judy from “Saturday Night Live”

The demented sister from the “Lawrence Welk Show” skit is still one of Intermission’s favorites (“And I’m Judy!“). Just slap on a freakishly tall prosthetic forehead, grab some tiny baby doll hands and you’re set. We’ll give you extra credit if you make it a duo and include Melissa McCarthy’s recent muscular, woodchuck-esque addition to the family (or alternately, McCarthy’s hilarious Hidden Valley lady.)

An Angry Bird

The ubiquitous mobile game is set to be turned into a feature-length film, which is the natural next step in these furious fowls’ plan for world domination. Regardless of whether or not you still find their relentless persecution of little green pigs entertaining, an Angry Birds costume gives you a good excuse to literally hurl yourself at that cute kid you’ve been eyeing in section.

Human Centipede

Make it a group effort and seize your chance to truly disgust everyone you know…just like the real movie!

Any character from “The Hunger Games”

Expect the film adaptation of the first novel in Suzanne Collins’ dystopian series to be blowing up everywhere March 23, 2012. While the series is already wildly popular, this Halloween may be your last chance to take advantage of a “Hunger Games”-themed costume before Katniss and Co. suffer cultural fatigue.