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Top 5: TV Shows to Netflix


Although our GPAs would probably disagree, Netflix Instant Watch is, without question, the greatest thing to ever happen to Intermission. Now that we’ve entered this weird TV purgatory where on-air shows are winding down and trashy summer reality shows are still a couple weeks away, Netflix is the perfect place to get your temporary TV fix.


“Parks and Recreation”

Season one isn’t that stellar, so skip it if you must, but seriously, it’s literally one of the best shows on TV right now, so get caught up. It’s a proven fact that quality of life instantly skyrockets once you start following the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.



With ”South Park”, “Family Guy” and “The Simpsons” all showing moderate to heavy signs of age, “Archer” is here to answer all your adult cartoon needs.

“Better Off Ted”

If the Bluths decided to take cubicle jobs, you’d probably end up with something similar to “Better Off Ted.” Curse ABC for yanking this one too soon. For those with limited time commitment, make sure to at least check out the sublime “Racial Sensitivity” and “Jabberwocky.”

“Pushing Daisies”

Another ABC show felled too soon, this time by the blasted 2007-08 writers’ strike. The whimsical “forensic fairy tale” follows Ned (Lee Pace), a pie-maker who can bring back the dead with his touch.

“Party Down”

Although Intermission sorely misses the bow-tied crew of cater waiters, if the show hadn’t been cancelled, Adam Scott wouldn’t be on “Parks & Rec” now. At least we’ll always have the series to Netflix and reminisce.