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Top 5: Awesomely bad movies


Courtesy of MGM

The quarter’s swiftly coming to an end, and times are definitely hectic. With everyone knee-deep in midterms and papers and finals looming ominously on the horizon, it’s naturally the perfect time to do some heavy procrastinating. If your brain’s burnt out and you’re in dire need of some mindless entertainment, check out Intermission’s list of so-bad-they’re-good movies.

“The Room”

Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 masterpiece still holds the unofficial crown of “Worst Movie Ever Made.”

“Big Trouble in Little China”

Kurt Russell helps his sidekick rescue his mail-order bride from the evil Lo Pan, a sorcerer who must marry a green-eyed girl to achieve immortality. This is a movie that’s really only awesomely bad because of its ridiculous special effects. Wait for the part when a henchman gets so frustrated, he literally explodes.


Most. Preposterous. Plot. Twist. Ever. We really wish we could tell you but seriously, watch it for yourself.

“Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood”

Intermission was lucky enough to catch a viewing of this on BET one lazy afternoon. Warwick Davis (aka Professor Flitwick) plays a malicious leprechaun seeking revenge on the “urban youths” who stole his gold.

“Mac & Me”

If product placement in movies has any redeeming qualities, you won’t find them in this cheap “E.T.” knock off. At one point, a kid in a wheelchair rolls off a cliff. ‘Nuff said.