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Stanford accepts 2,427 high school applicants

Stanford offered admission to 2,427 students via electronic notification letters today, several days earlier than the scheduled notification date of Apr. 1. In sum, 34,348 high school students applied to become part of the Class of 2015.

This brings Stanford’s current admit rate to nearly 7.1 percent, compared to 7.2 percent last year.

“Stanford has been exceedingly fortunate to attract a simply amazing group of applicants from all over the world,” Dean of Admission Richard Shaw told to The Stanford Report. “In our review, we were humbled by the exceptional accomplishments of those candidates who have been admitted, as well as the competitive strength of all of the applicants.”

Among the admitted students, 754 had applied through the early action program and received an offer of admission in December. Admitted students have until May 1 to accept the University’s offer.

According to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, an additional 1,078 applicants have been placed on the waitlist and will hear from Stanford, pending matriculation results.

-An Le Nguyen


  • weird

    Why did Stanford accept 100 more people this year than last year? Is it expecting fewer people to attend so it accepted more people initially (like 150 less than it did at this time before)? But isn’t that what the waitlist is for?

  • doesn’t make sense

    It’s definitely quite odd that they accepted 127 more people than they did after the initial rounds last year. Last year they accepted 2,300 before going to the waitlist. Do they expect the yield to go down, or do they want to increase the class size? The problem with increased class size is that we’re going to run out of housing; even more people will go unassigned, or they’ll re-stuff the dorms that were unstuffed when Crothers opened for undergrads.

  • john

    Last year they accepted 2,300 and then took over 100 from the waitlist. I think the final number from the waitlist was 130 something. In 2009 they accepted 2,427, the exact same number as this year. All this means is that the students on the waitlist don’t have much chance of being accepted.