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Likealittle gets a lot of use


(TIM SHI/The Stanford Daily)

You may have seen the e-mails going around about this last week but if not, check out It’s a new Stanford student startup created by Evan Reas M.B.A. ’09 to act as a “flirting facilitator program” to allow users to post flirts about people seen around campus. If someone catches your interest as you bike through the quad or lift at the gym, likealittle is the place to go to let them know you’re interested.

Posts are made by indicating the location of the encounter and then entering the flirt. The site is completely anonymous, allowing users to make posts and comments behind veiled names such as “cucumber” or “cranberry” (it’s always a food!). Of course this invites spam, but for the most part the trollers add to the comical nature of the site anyways.

Flirts range from serious messages like:

At Full Moon: Female, Black hair. I had a great time that night, and we’ve gotten closer ever since. Who would have thought that would happen in the moment when I called out to you as you were about to pass me?

To ones of questionable sincerity:

At Law Libary: Male, Brunette. You had a mane of long hair. I want to run my fingers through it all night long.

Either way, I find it hilarious.

The site has quickly grown in popularity since I first found it and posts are made almost every minute. Check it out, it may just become the next way to date!

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