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Top five Lennon songs

John Lennon’s 70th birthday is tomorrow, so Intermission thought it was fitting to celebrate by listing off the birthday boy’s best work.

(1) Across the Universe
The song is ethereal in every sense of the word, from its abstract, poetic lyrics to John’s otherworldly vocals. He sings “nothing’s gonna change my world,” and for the brief duration of the tune, we believe in his mystical universe.

(2) Happiness is a Warm Gun
John considered this one of his best. Paul and George listed it as their favorite track off “The White Album.” Its themes of sexual perversion and violence make it hands down John’s darkest, most twisted song.

(3) Strawberry Fields Forever
The perfect antithesis to Paul’s exuberant “Penny Lane,” John’s contemplative ode to his childhood affected Brian Wilson so much he shelved the Beach Boys’ next album because he felt he couldn’t compete. With the song’s poignancy and subtle psychedelia, it’s not hard to see why.

(4) Julia
The soothing lullaby-like track is dedicated to John’s mother but spends most of its time indirectly alluding to John’s love, Yoko Ono, the “ocean child.” He hardly sings more than one note the entire song, but his gentle vocals coupled with the sparse instrumentation lend a frail loveliness to this under-appreciated tune.

(5) Imagine
One day, John got up, sat down at his famous white piano and tapped out the serene melody to “Imagine.” It’s a testament to his skill as a songwriter how easily he could knock out the graceful, hopeful anthem.