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Letter: Seeking support for military students


Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to “Bring ROTC back to campus” (Sept. 29) in order to correct its assertions regarding a lack of support for military-connected students. I am Sebastain Gould, a sophomore in the philosophy department and a veteran of the war in Iraq. I joined the Marine Corps after my freshman year at Stanford and deployed to Iraq that next summer. When I returned to campus, I experienced some hostility. I partly expected this, but I didn’t know just how distressing it would be.

My hope is to help change this. I am the Military Service as Public Service student coordinator at the Haas Center. With its help, and support from the President’s Office, we are trying to build a community more responsive to veteran and ROTC needs. The President’s Office currently funds transportation to and from ROTC events for enrolled cadets. It also funds luncheons with guest speakers and dinner events, including the upcoming Veteran’s Day barbecue at Sigma Nu. Students, staff and faculty are all welcome to attend!

Sebastain Gould ‘12
Military Service as Public Service student coordinator, Haas Center
Lance corporal, U.S. Marine Corps