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The Daily brief: July 23, 2010

Flood of Letters about Searsville Dam | The Beyond Searsville Dam coalition has been sending thousands of letters to the University and two federal regulatory agencies urging removal of the dam, which advocacy groups say block migration routes for the endangered steelhead trout. The Daily covered the Searsville Dam in May.

Federal Funds | Stanford researchers received grants from the Dept. of Energy and the FDA, for converting sunlight to fuel, and for commercializing pediatric medical devices, respectively.

A Helping Hand | Pediatrics professor Paul Wise discusses his three-week trip to Guatemala with two Stanford medical students to give pediatric care to poverty-stricken regions.

Overheard | “A settlement doesn’t establish any law,” said law professor Hank Greely, in an article about the settlement arising from a case of a teacher’s comment in the classroom about homosexuality.

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