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The Daily brief: July 20, 2010

Teen Smoking | Point-of-sale tobacco advertising—that is, advertising that occurs at the location of a product’s sale, such as a gas station—has been shown to be a major influence in teen smoking, says a study by Lisa Henriksen at the Stanford Prevention Research Center.

Gone Phishing | Keep an eye out for Nigerian princes in distress. Emails targeted toward Stanford audiences from parties such as “Stanford University Mail Messaging Center” are examples of a recent surge in phishing emails seeking Stanford username and password information.

Overheard | Two Stanford professors offer their opinions to different branches of the New York Times: Surgery professor Catherine Mohr discusses the economic benefits of “robotic” surgery on the Freakonomics blog, while law professor Richard Thompson Ford debates potentially helpful school segregation on Bloggingheads.

What Stimulus Package? | “The best economic stimulus would be for the government to set a clear path now to reduce the deficit and to bring down the debt in the future.” Economics professor John Taylor—yes, the one who wrote your Econ 1A textbook and is the Taylor Rule’s namesake—argues for less government spending in a Daily Beast opinion article.

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